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Moose-Modern America

Development of Modern America

What was the impact of military bases in South Carolina during World War I? More federal dollars were spent in local communities.
What was a major reason the United States entered World War I? Keep US shipping safe.
Which of the following best describes the treatment of African-American soldiers during World War I? They served in segregated military units.
Which of the following best describes the mood in South Carolina towards World War I? People had strong feelings of patriotism.
Why did African Americans begin migrating to the north after WWI? To get jobs in the factories.
What was a major problem in the US after WWI? Race riots took place across the country.
What was a cultural change in the US during the Roaring 20s? Consumers bought products using installment plans.
In SC why was the economic boom not felt significantly? Farm prices had dropped, so people had less money.
What artist from Florence, SC is associated with the Harlem Renaissance? William Johnson
What destroyed half the cotton crop in SC during the 1920s? boll weevil
What was a major factor of the economic depression in SC? overproduction
Why was SC's textile industry economically hurt in the 1920s? nylon replaced cotton
What did the New Deal program, the CCC, do for SC? provided jobs and created state parks
What New Deal program provided work for artist and writers? WPA (Works Progress Administration)
What New Deal program allowed farmers to get electric milking machines in SC? REA (Rural Electrification Authority)
Due to their service in WWII, what did many African Americans work towards when they returned to the states? end racial discrimination
What group of African American airmen and their bravery led to more African Americans in the military during WWII? Tuskegee Airmen
What group successfully carried out the first bombing on Japan's islands after a series of training, including at Lake Murray? Doolittle Raiders
Created by: camoose