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Civil War Quiz

Civil War Quiz Review

Who was the main general for the North? General Ulysses S. Grant
What was the number of confederate states during the war? Eleven States
Who was the president of the South? Jefferson Davis
Who was the president of the North? Abraham Lincoln
This is where most of the generals were trained West Point Academy
What did women do to help during the war? spies and nurses
What was the worst of all the prison camps during the war? Andersonville
Who fought against slavery in the civil war? Abolitionists
Who sgot Abraham Lincoln John Wilkes Booth
What are some other names forr the North durring the war? Blue(uniforms), Yankees and Union
What are some other names for the South during the war? Grey(uniforms), Rebels, and Confederates
What did the South name their battles after? Nearby Towns
What did the North name their battles after? Rivers and Streams
Who was the main general for the South? Genral Robert E. Lee
What are three advantages of the North? Larger Army, Had a Navy(controled sea), and More money and factories
What sre three advantages of the South? Home Field Advantage, Well trained officers, and Greater Motivation.
casualty any person killed, wounded or missing during the war
emancipation to free from bondage like the slaves were
Merrimac, Monitor first two ironclad ships
Fort Sumter place where war started with its bombing
Virginia home state of Robert E. Lee and reason he turned down offer to lead Union troops and led Confederate troops instead
Richmond, Virginia new capital of the Confederacy because it was closer to the Union capital
Montgommery Alabama What is the old or first location for the capital of the confederatecy
Bull Run? The first major battle where confederates won and enjoyed lunch
desertion to run away from battle punishable by death
contraband goods that are illegally traded such as brittish goods to the South
George McClellan first genral of ther North niclnamed "Lil Mac"
border states these were states such as Delaware and Maryland that had slaves and went with the union
flank sides of an army battle lines
Baltimore first casualties of war occured in this city in Maryland where there was a riot
Dixie nickname for the South and also a popular southern song
income tax invented by the North to help pay for the war, still used today
blockade closing off a port to supplies, used in the Anaconda plan
artillery large powerful weapons like cannons and mortars
forage to search for food, like soldiers did during the war
dysentery often fatal disease of the intestines caused by unsafe (unsanitary) conditions
Fredrick Douglas African-American abolitionist who talked Lincoln into freeing the slaves
battery a group of 4-6 cannons, or a position in which they are placed
Stonewall Jackson Southern general who gained his nickname during the Battle of Bull Run (because he refused to move during the battle)
photography invention that changed the way people learned about war because they had real pictures
draft used by the North and South to get more soldiers because there weren't enough volunteers (citizens were selected for mandatory service in the war)
Washington, D.C. capital of the Union
Antietam battle featured "Bloody Lane" and was the North's first major victory (5,600 casualties)
Gettysburg battle was the turning point in the war and featured a great Rebel charge (led by Pickett) of about 13,000 soldiers (who were defeated)and the South didn't invade the north again
Union In Oliver Woods' cartoon "Pending Conflict", which side of the war was bound by the Constitution?
The flag is under Jefferson Davis' feet because the South was breaking up the Union, which damaged the US. In Oliver Woods' cartoon "Pending Conflict", why was an American flag under one man's feet?
Anti-Lincoln and anti-Republican people wanted to negotiate to reconcile with the South; this made it harder for Union soldiers to defend the North. In Oliver Woods' cartoon "Pending Conflict", why was a snake around one man's leg?
Created by: tboever17