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Mason constitution

how many people are in the house of represenitives 118
How many people are in the Illinois senate 59
What number was the state when it joined the union. 21
Illinois governor Pat Quinn
Lieutenant governors Sheila Simon
Secretary of state Jesse White
Largest office Secretary of state
what district do we live in 2nd
2nd district Representative Robbin kelly
what amendment states that we have the rights to make laws. 10th
State senators Dick Durban and Mark Kirk
How many Representative does Illinois have 19
When was the Illinois constitution adopted 1818
how many supreme court interprets 7
how many supreme courts are there 1
how many appetite courts are there 5
how many judicial curcets are there 22
3 revenue lottery and riverboat gaming motor fuel tax public utility tax
3 operating appropriation economic development and insurance government services (schools) public safety (police and fir departments
how old do you have to be to be a member of the general assembly 21 years of age
how many senates are in district 40 1
what Representative district do we live in? 79
witch office is the largest and most deverse office secretary of states office
witch office issues drivers license secretary of state
what office is the Illinois state police ran by secretary of state
who is the chief fiscal controller for the Illinois government comptroller-Judy baar Topinka
what senate district do we live in 40th
when is a bill approved in the 3rd reading
what do you need to have to pass a bill a simple majority
how many days does the governer have to wait without signing the bill 60 calender days
how many years is it before you elect a new supreme court justice every 10 years
what was Illinois first capitol kaskaskia
Created by: masonbeaupre99