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Stack #125516

Alex - The New Revolution 5th grade

Eli Whitney Invented the Cotton Gin
Samuel Slater Textile pioneer - helped bring plans for a new spinning machine
James Marshall Carpenter who found Gold near Sacramento CA. Gold Rush of 1849
Andrew Jackson President and commander who won the first battle in the war of 1812. Ordered the removal of natives from land.
Francis Scott Key American Lawyer nd poetr who wrote the Star Spangled Banner
Zebulan Pike Led the expedition down Arkansas to eaplore the Southwestern part of the Louisiana Purchase
Meriwether Lewis Chosen by Thomas Jefferson to be a pathfinder in he Louisian Purchase
Napoleon Bonaparte French Leader who sold all of the Louisiana region to the US
Thomas Jefferson Third US President - main writer of the Declaration of Independence
John Jay First Chief justice of the Supreme Court
Alexander Hamilton American Leader in calling for the constittion Convention and winning support for it.
George Washington First US president. Led the Continental Army during the Rev. War. Was also president of the constitutional congress
What is the great compromise? Congress would have 2 houses - The house of Representatives based on population and the Senate - two senators from each state.
What was the effect of the Gadsen Purchase? brought the US to it's present day size
What two things did the Louisiana purchase do for our country? Doubled the size of the US of America and gave us a part along the Gulf of Mexico
What are the three branches of government? Executive - carries out the law. Judical - decides if the laws are fair. Legislature - makes the laws.
What is the bill of rights? The first 10 ammendment of the constitution
Why was the BOR added to the constitution? To protect the people so crime happened
What are two causes of the war? 1) British gave the Indians guns and encourage them to fight. 2) They impressed american sailors at sea.
What are two effects of the war? 1) Settlers in the NW territory were free of conflict with the Indians. 2) Gave Americans a strong feeling of Nationalism
What did the Monroe Doctrine do? Closed America to any colonization by Europe
How long were we governed under the Articles of Confederation ad nwhat problems did it cause for our nation? from 1781-1787. Problems - Congress had trouble collecting taxes. Could not raise an army ro defend the nation
Three things the delegates from 12 states accomplished at hte Philadelphia convention? Elected President George Washington of Convention, agreed to create federal system and the Great Comprise
Name five things that led the US into the Industrial Revolution? 1. Paved roads with tar and stone. 2. Erie Canals 3. Steam Boats 4. Rail Roads 5. Machines that made goods
Created by: julzhut