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ILL Constitution bri

ILL Constitution

how does the state power get their power. the 10th amendments.
U.S Sentators From Illinois Dick Durbin(sr.), Mark Kirk Jr.senators.
Census happen every 10 years.
Representative for distract 2 Robin Kelly
the Constitution of IL ... first adopted in 181
what number state is IL 21St
Executive Branch shares authority with five other elected constitutional officers: Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller and Treasurer.
Legislative Braanch The General Assembly the ILL has 59 senators distract. 118 member of the House of Rep.
Judical Branch Court districts and 22 judicial circuits (closes one is in joliet). , 5 Appellate Court district, one supreme court and in the supreme court 7 members.
Sheila Simon Lieutenant Governor
Lisa Madigan The Attorney General
Jesse White Secretary of state
Judy Baar Topinka State Comptroller
Pat Quinn IL Governor
Dan Rutherford State Treasurer
3 bigs thing state fund on... Healthcare and family severices 32.3% Education 24.3% Human servies 17.6%
things we spend our money on... Federal Aid 34% other Receipted 23.8% income tax 19.4 sales tax 13.5%
Education System The Illinois State Board of Education sets educational policies and guidelines for public and private schools, preschool through grade 12.
Legislative Branch To be eligible to serve as a member of the Illinois General Assembly, a person must be a United States citizen, at least 21 years old and reside in the district being represented for at least two years prior to the election or appointments principal act
senator distract 4
Representative distract 79
senator for distract 40 Toi Hutchinson
Representative for distract 40 Katie Cloonen
How pass bills/ laws bill pass b4 may 31 become law on jan. 1st of the next yr
Leaders of the Houses John J. Cullerton- Senate president Micheal J. Madigan- Speaker of the house
who is leader of speaker of the house Micheals J. Madigan
who is the senate president John j. Cullerton
Illinois supreme court justices cheif Thomas L. KilBride
what was IL first capitol Kaskaika
what is the 2 capitol Vandilia
what is our current capitol Springfield
when did our current capitol start 1853
State tree White oak
State Flower Voleit
State song Illonis
State slogan "Land of Lincoln"
State incest Monarch Butterfly
State Animal White-Tail Deer
State Fish Bluegill
State dance Square Dance
State snack PopCorn
Supreme Court Justices are elected every 10 years
Appellate judge are elected every 10 years
Curcuit judge are elected every 6 years
Bill of rights Article I
how many section are in article one 24
the power of the state Article II
suffrage and election Article III
Legislature electeed every 2 years same with Rep.
legistature what Article is that IV
Executive terms they can sever for 4yr, at leas 25 or older and resident of that state
what Article is the Executive V
the Judicary
Created by: cowgirl14
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