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Illinois Const.

what amendment lets the states put anything in there there constitution that's not in the U.S. constitution? tenth amendment
what two things does the U.S. constitution depend on the states to do? approving amendments to the U.S. constitution and the election of federal officials.
what two u.s. senators are from Illinois? Dick Durban and Mark Kirk
Who is the Senior senator? Dick Durban
What is the Junior Senator? Mark Kirk
how many u.s. representatives are from Illinois? 19 members
what is census and how many years does this take place? Census: is something that is done every 10 years. It counts the population which they might change the districts boundaries.
what district is Kankakee in? 2nd
what district was it in? 11th
who is our district Representative? Robyn Kelly
Who was our old one? Jesse White Jr.
what year was the Illinois constitution created? 1818
what are the three branches of the constitution? Executive, Judaical and legislative.
who is the head leader of the executive branch? The Governor
how many offices are there in the executive branch? 6 offices
who is the governor? Pat Quinn
who is the Lieutenant Governor? Sheila Simon
who is the attorney general? Lisa Madigan
who is the Secretary of State? Jesse White Sr.
whom is the comptroller? Judy Baar Topinka
who is the treasurer? Dan Rutherford
when you combine the senators and the house of representatives they are called what? The General Assembly
how many senators does the Illinois senate have? 55 members
how may members are in the house of Representative? 118 members
for every 1 senator how many Representatives are there? 2 representatives
how many levels are there in the Judicial branch? 3 levels
what is the first level in the judicial branch? The judicial Circuit
how many judicial circuit's are there in Illinois? 22 judicial circuits
what is the second level in the judicial branch? Appellate Court
how many appellate courts are there in Illinois? 5 appellate courts
What is the highest level in The judicial branch? Supreme Court
How many supreme courts are there in Illinois? There is only one Supreme Court in Illinois
how many members does the supreme court have? 7 members
how many members are there in the supreme court at the U.S. level? 9 memebrs
when was the governor elected? November 2,2010
who makes the decision for the state budget? Governor Pat Quinn
who controls the national gaurd? Governor pat Quinn
who controls who gets out of jail and who dosent? Governor Pat Quinn
who takes over if the Governor were to die? Lieutenant Governor
what is one of the biggest jobs of an lieutenant Governor? Education
what is an attorney general? it is a lawyer for the state and the people of illinois
what is one of the biggest offices in Illinois? Secratary Of State
what does the secratary of state do? it issues vehicle license plates and titles and maintains drivers records
What are the three police offices? local, county state police and the State police
What does the comptroller do? is in charge of the states payments.
what does the treasurer do? is in charge of making the state money by investing.
what are the three biggest things that the government spends money on? Healthcare/family services, Education and Human sevices
What are the revenues of our state? Federal Aid, income tax and sales tax
who sets educational policies and guidelines for public and private schools? State Board Of Education
How many students in Illinois go to school in the state? 2 million
In order to serve as a member of the Illinois General Assembly a person must be? A United States citizen, at least 21 years of age and reside in the district being represented by for at least two years.
what does the legislative branch do? enacting, amending or repealing laws, votes for sales tax, they also may impeach and convict executive and judicial officeholders in the state of Illinois. Those could happen to anybody from the judicial and executive.
how may senators are there in each district?how many represantatives? 1 senator and two represantatives
What is our district number for Kankakee? 40
what is our representative numbers for Kankakee? 79 and 80
who is our district senator for kankakee? Toi Hutchinson
who is the representative for district 79? Katie Cloonen
Bills passed before may 31st it becomes a law on what date? January 1st of next year
A bill passed after may 31st it becomes a law on what date? June of next year
The leader of the House of Representatives is called? Speaker of the House
The leader of the Senate is called? President of the Senate
How many times must a bill be read in each chamber? 3
A Bill within the Illinois General Assembly must start in the Senate before it can be passed on to the House? False
After the second reading the bill can be? Amended
After the third reading the bill is? Debated and Voted on
After the first reading the bill is? Introduced
If the second chamber approves the bill as written it then? it then moves on to the governor
what are the four things that the governor can do to a bill? sign it and call it a law, veto the bill and reccommend changes, veto the bill and call it dead, or he can allow the bill to be passed without his signature.
If a bill is vetoed by the governor then the general assembly can overule the bill . what percentage of the people does it have to be? 50% of the people
Whos is the senate president? John. J Cullerton
Who is the speaker of the house? Micahel j. Madigan
How many years do the jurys from the judicial branch serve? 10 years
How many years do the jurys from the appelate courts serve? 10 years
How many years do the jurys from the Juicial court serve? 6 years
Who is the chief justice of the Supreme court? Thomas L. Kilbride
What was the name of Illinois's first state capitol?In what year? Kaskasia in the year 1818
What is our second capitol?what year? Vandalia in the year 1920
What is our capitol today? Springfield has been our capitol since 1953
What is our state tree? White Oak Tree
What is our state flower? violet
What is our state song? "Illinois"
What is our state slogan? Land of lincoln
What is our state bird? The Cardinal
What is our state insect? Monarch Butterfly
What is our state Animal? White-tailed deer
What is our state fish? Bluegil
What is our state snack food? Popcorn
What is our states dance? Square dance
What is the bill of rights? freedom of speech and religion protection of self-incrimination etc. and lets you have freedom from discrimination
What is the only allowed discrimination? age
What is the cutback amendment? eliminates the number of house representatives per district?
what is the third amendment? allows judges to deny bail to persons of crimes carrying a possible life sentence.
What is the fourth amendment? allows state criminals court judges to deny bail to persons accused of being possible of threat to the community.
What is the fifth amendment? changes the voting laws. and Reduced the voting age for every U.S. citizen voting in state elections from 21 years to 18 years and the permanent state residency requirement from six months to 30 days preceding any election
How many amendments were added to the constitution since 1970? 11 amendments
how many years does the government ask the public if they would like to change their constitution? every 20 years
What is article one?how many sections are there? bill of rights and there are 24 sections
what is article two about? powers of the states
what is article three about? suffrage and elections
what are the voting requirements? over 21
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