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hematology Ch 5 - 8

sickle cell disease is best differentiated from sickle cell trait by electrophoresis (protein separation)
Painful swelling of hands and feet caused by sickle cell in the microcirculation of sickle cell infants is dactylitis
a patient with sickle cell anemia may develop cardiopulmonary disease due to increased blood viscosity
the hemolytic anemias are generally classified morphologically as normocytic normochromic
The hemoglobin that cannot be separated from Hgb S through electrophoresis in buffer at pH 8.6 is Hgb D pungab, Hgb G philia
Autosplenectomy is characteristic of Sickle cell
The hemoglobin variant that is seen frequently in the southeastern population, shows a microcytic picture and migrates with Hgb C at 8.6 is Hgb E
Which of the following "poikilocytes " is classically associated with hemoglobinopathies and liver disease? target cells
Cholelithasis is frequent complication of patients with hereditary spherocytosis because increased bilirubin is a frequent finding to continued hemolysis
Spherocytes do not function well in the splenic environment because equilibrium is off (spherocytes have too much sodium, and the spleens environment has a low pH, low ATP, and low glucose)
One of the gravest clinical problems for individuals with thalassemia major is Iron overload
The RBC inclusions that are composed of denatured hemoglobin are called Heinz bodies
Which of the following morphological features is classic in the megaloblastic anemias macro ovalocytes (hypersegmented nutrophils)
Spherocytes differ from normal cells in all of the following ways no central pallor (less stretching, ATP disrupted, accumulate sodium @ a faster rate)
An appropriate M:E ratio in the case of megaloblastic anemia would be 1:1 to 1:3
Individuals with fanconi's anemia characteristically show Structure abnormalities of the kidney, Chromosomal abnormalities, defective DNA repair, causing short stature, hyper-pigmentation on the trunk and neck, and broad nose
Ineffective erythropoeisis is defined as destruction in the bone marrow of RBC precursors before they reach the peripheral circulation
Red cells that are resistant to malaria, rigid, and spoon shaped Southeastern ovalocytosis
On electrophoresis, the majority hemoglobin for individuals with thalassemia major is Hgb F
One of the least severe clinical manifestations of G6PD defenciency is Congenital nonspherosytic hemolytic anemia (CNHA)
Storage iron is usually determined by the serum ferritin (can be tested at all 3 stages)
Failure to thrive, bossed skull, severe anemia, and splenomegaly are all symptoms of which of the following disorders beta thalassemia major state
The alpha thalassemic condition that is incompatible with life is Barts Hydrob fetalis
The first stage of iron deficiency anemia is termed stage 1: Continuum of iron depletion from the marrow
Which inclusion is associated with a "pitted" golf ball appearance Hgb H
In adults, which of the following is the most common cause of iron deficiency anemia external blood loss (men GI bleeding and women menses)
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