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Civil war vocab

Fort Sumter an Important union fort on an Island In charelston Harbor
Anaconda Plan Plan to Surround The confederates and cut of all their supplies
Antietam A sluggish creek that held a battle
Emancipation Proclamation A bill That Freed Slaves
Habeas Corpus A court order that requires authorities to bring a person held in jail before the court to determine why he or she is being jailed
Copperhead Northern Democrats who advocated peace with the south
Conscription A draft that would force certain members of the population to serve in the army
Bounty Cash Payments
Income Tax A tax that takes a specified percentage of the income that an individual earns
Andersonville A confederate POW camp
Gettysburg Address A Speech that said America is a single nation by Lincoln
William Tecumseh SHerman Commander of the Military Division of the Mississipi
Appomattox A court House, Lee and Grant went to Arrange a Confederate Surrender
Union The North's Army
Confederates/Rebels Southern Army
Created by: Walri29