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Divided Nation

chapter 15-pre Civil War

Wilmot Proviso a document stating that "neither slavery nor involuntary service shall ever exist in any part of the territory."
popular sovereignty the idea that political power belongs to the people
Compromise of 1850 A plan to maintain national peace
Fugitive Slave Act a crime to help run away slaves and allowed officials to arrest those slaves in the free areas.
Uncle Tom's Cabin The anti-slavery novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Frank Pierce a politician from New Hampshire. promised to honor the Compromise of 1850 and the Fug Slave Act. (14th president)Became president in 1853-1857.
Whig's political party that had Henry Clay as representative.
Winfield Scott Mexican War hero chosen by the Whig's in 1852 to run for president. Did not win-did not support the Compromise of 1850.
Kansas-Nebraska Act plan that would divide the remainder of the Louisiana Purchase into 2 territories: Kansas and Nebraska and let them each decide on slavery
Sack of Lawrence 800 pro-slavery men rode to city of Lawrence saying the were committing treason. Set fires, looted buildings, destroyed presses
Pottawatomie Massacre Brown and men killed 5 pro-slavery men in Kansas
Charles Sumner pro-slavery politician, beaten in Senate chambers by Brook's. Speaking his views about slavery.
Preston Brooks May 22nd Brook's used a cane to beat Charles Sumner on the Senate chamber
new Republican Party a political party united against the spread of slavery in the west
election of 1856 Buchanan became president
Dred Scott Slave of Dr John Emerson, 1830 became the slave of Emerson's widow, wanted his freedom.
Lincoln-Douglas Debates Lincoln challenged Davis; lost debates but won national recognition
John Brown started a slave rebellion, sent men to get others but others would not join. White southerners attacked Brown. 8 men died
Harper's Ferry John Brown tried to take over to start the slave rebellion
election 1860 Lincoln became president
Lincoln 16th president;
secession formally withdraw from the Union
Crittenden's plan plan written by Sen John Crittenden to preserve the union and satisfy the south about slavery. Rejected by Republicans
Confederate States of America Confederacy; Rights to own slaves, in the southern states (MS, Fl, AL, GA, TX, )
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