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SOL Practice

SOL practice

What was the Holocaust? Systematic Attempt to rid Europe of all Jews
What was the Manhattan Project? WWII project to develop the first nuclear weapons.
Name the director of the Manhattan Project. J. Robert Oppenheimer
What court case desegregated schools and overturned Plessy V Ferguson? Brown v. Board of Education
Who were the Freedom Riders? Civil rights activists who rode interstate buses from the North to the South to test a Supreme Court ruling Outlawing segregation on interstate transportation.
Who gave a famous speech and said "I have a dream"? Martin Luther King Jr.
Who was Benito Mussolini? Fascist dictator of Italy
What is globalization? The linking of nations through trade, information, technologies and communications
In what field did Charles Drew have a major influence? Science (medicine)
What caused the Japanese to surrender at the end of WWII The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Who started a settlement house called Hull House? Jane Addams
What did Frederick Douglass do? A strong voice for human rights and civil liberties for all.
?the carpetbaggers? Northerners who went South after the Civil War for politial and or financial advantage.
Name the 3 states of the Pacific Region Washington, Oregano, California
When did Reconstruction end? After the 1876 election and the withdrawal of Federal troops in 1877.
What document advocated a "Big Stick Diplomacy" that was used while building the Panama Canal. Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
What city was the center of the auto industry? Detroit
What city was the center of the steel industry? Pittsburgh
Did the United States join the League of Nations? No
What invention helped Americans have great mobility - including the ability to move to the suburbs the automobile
When wood wasn't available, settlers on the Great Plains used this to build houses. Sod
Who was the inventor of lighting and expanded uses for electricity? Thomas Edison
Alexander Graham bell Whose inventions enabled telephone services
Who had a Reconstruction plan for the North and South to reconcile with emphasis on preserving the Union? Abraham Lincoln
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