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History Ch. 22

Chapter 22 - History

What are muckrakers? group of writers who exposed corruption to society ; created a public demand for reform
What is progressivism? A reform movement that sought to return control of the government to the people, to restore economic opportunities, and to correct injustices in American life
What is a direct primary? voters, rather than party conventions, choose candidates to run for public office
What is initiative? the procedure that allows voters to propose a law directly
What did the Sherman Antitrust Act do? 1890, this made it illegal for corporations to gain control of industries by forming trusts
What was significant about Theodore Roosevelt? He was the first progressive president; started out as a war-hero-turned-politician
How (and when) did Roosevelt become president? 1900 - he was McKinley's VP, until McKinley was assassinated
Why was Roosevelt such a conservationist? He was formally a hunter and had seen what horrible things factories and industry do to habitats
What is 'The Jungle'? It was a novel about the disgusting nation-shocking truths about how poorly food was being treated in the meat-packing industry
Who wrote 'The Jungle' Upton Sinclair
What were the 3 parts of the Clayton Antitrust Act? 1. Labor unions & farm organizations could merge and expand 2. limited the court ability to force workers to end strikes 3. legalized strikes, picketing, boycotting, etc.
When was the Clayton Antitrust Act passed? 1914
When was the Federal Reserve Act passed? 1913
What are the 4 types of taxes? Income, sales, estate, and property
What are sales taxes? It is imposed on the reatil price of merchandise, and collected by the retailer
What are property taxes? People pay tax on property they own (house, land, etc.) This $ is often used to support public services (ex. schools)
What are estate taxes? They are charged against the value of the property of a person who has died This is also called the "death tax" because it's posthumous
What are income taxes? Individuals and corporates pay; it's a tax on profits/earnings
What is referendum? when a proposed law is submitted to a vote of the people
What is recall? to vote an official out of office
What is a square deal? fairness for the people
What is Conservation? Controlling how America's natural resources were used
Who was William Howard Taft? Republican president; moved forward with progression; did twice as much as Roosevelt
What made William Howard Taft appeal to the people? He was hand-picked by Roosevelt, and promised to follow the same tactics as Roosevelt
What did the 16th Amendment do? 1913; it gave Congress the power to create income taxes
What did the 17th Amendment do? 1913; it provided for the direct election of U.S. Senators (chosen by the people instead of officials)
What did the Federal Reserve Act do? It improved the nation's monetary and banking systems
Who was Susan B. Anthony? She was a suffragist and president of NAWSA from 1892-1900
Who was Carrie Chapman Catt? She was president of NAWASA, and she argued that the nation could no longer deny women's rights because women were helping the troops in WW1
When was the 19th Amendment passed and what did it state? 1920; it gave women full voting rights
What was National American Woman Suffrage Association? 1830; 2 groups merged to form NAWSA; it's a suffrage group that was a big part of women gaining suffrage
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