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Vietnam Vocabulary

Am. History

Vietminh Ho Chi Minh's followers in North Vietnam that formed to fight against the French
William Westmoreland General that was in South Vietnam that asked for more troops because he was not impressed with South Vietnam's fighting ability
Dwight Eisenhower President that used the term Domino Theory
Deferment Getting out of or putting off war service
Draft Required military service for males 18 years-26 years during a time of need, if your number is picked you have to go
Vietcong Communist group in South Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh Communist leader of North Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh Trail Underground tunnels used to supply the Vietcong
Hawks Nickname for American people that were for the war
Doves Nickname for American people that were against the war
John F. Kennedy President before Johnson that 1st sent military advisors to South Vietnam
Domino Theory Said that if one country falls to communism then the rest would fall
Ngo Dinh Diem Corrupt leader of South Vietnam that the U.S. supported
Selective Service System Said males had to register for the draft when they turned 18
Geneva Accords This document divided Vietnam at the 17th parallel
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Gave LBJ military powers to do whatever he wanted in Vietnam
Conscientious Objector Someone who opposes war based on their moral and religious beliefs- a way to get out of the actual fighting in Vietnam
Lyndon B. Johnson President of the U.S. that ordered Operation Rolling Thunder
Agent Orange Chemical sprayed on vegetation to kill plants to make it easier to see the area better
Napalm Gasoline based bomb that set fire to the jungle
Guerilla Warfare Military strategy used by Vietcong that used hit and run tactics
Containment To keep and idea or thing isolated, the reason we got involved in the Vietnam war
USS Maddux U.S. ship that was reported to have been shot at by the North Vietnamese
ARVN South Vietnamese army that we were fighting with in Vietnam
Search and Destroy U.S> soldiers would take over South Vietnamese villages and destroy their homes, land, and livestock because they thought they were helping the Vietcong.
Body Count Westmoreland's idea that showed the American people how many Vietcong were being killed.
Booby traps One of the hazards U.S. soldiers faced while fighting in Vietnam
Credibility Gap The U.S. people were seeing LBJ report one thing to them on their television sets while reporters were giving them a different picture of what was happening- people were no longer trusting him
Kent State University College students were protesting the war and National Guardsmen were brought in that fired into the crowd and killed 4 people
Geneva Conference Leaders met to discuss the division of Vietnam
Working Class War Nickname for Vietnam war due to the fact that it took money to get a deferment out of the war
Vietnamization Nixon's policy to gradually take troops out of Vietnam and have the S. Vietnamese begin to take over fighting fr themselves
Bombing of Cambodia Nixon ordered this to destroy supply bases used by the N. Vietnamese
Khmer Rouge Communist group in Cambodia
Martin Luther King Jr. Was against the Vietnam War when he saw how disproportionate the number of black men serving and being killed in comparison to the number of white men
War Powers Act Limited the Presidents ability to send troops
My Lai Massacre Innocent S.Vietnamese women, children and elderly were brutally killed by U.S. soldiers
TET Offensive Vietcong launched a surprise attack on S.Vietnamese cities after they had agreed to a truce over the New Year holiday- Vietcong lost, win for U.S.
Pentagon Papers Written document that showed that the U.S. was planning to enter the Vietnam War even when LBJ was telling the American people that the U.S. would not get involded
Richard Nixon President elected after LBJ decided not to run for re-election- he wanted the S.Vietnamese to do more of their own fighting and get U.S. soldiers home
Henry Kissenger National Security Advisor that worked with Nixon and secretly met with one of North Vietnam's negotiators to end the war
Robert Kennedy Candidate that was running for the democratic party for president that was assassinated by a Palestinian immigrant
James Earl Ray Assassinated Martin Luther King Jr
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