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Civil War-Reconstruc

Ch 15 & 16 Test

Why did the South decide to secede from the Union? The South decided to secede from the Union once Abraham Lincoln was elected President. The South did not vote for Lincoln and they feared Lincoln would abolish slavery.
What was the significance of Fort Sumter? The Confederate attack on Fort Sumter started the Civil War between the North and South.
What were the advantages of the North? The North had more people, more factories, and more railroad tracks than the South.
What were the advantages of the South? The South had strong military leadership, they only had to hold their own territory, and they had a strong desire to protect their way of life.
How did the treatment of wounded soldiers improve? Clara Barton insisted on clean bandages and first aid. Barton began sorting the wounded, treating the most serious cases first. New chemicals helped prevent infection.
How did women play a role in the Civil War? Many women worked as nurses on the battle field, and in hospitals.
Who was Clara Barton? Barton established the American Red Cross, and improved the treatment of wounded soldiers.
What was the significance of the 1st Battle of Bull Run? The North thought they could easily defeat the South and return to their normal lives quickly. Instead, with a smashing Confederate victory, the North realized this would be a long and difficult war.
What was the significance of the Siege of Vicksburg? The Union victory of the Siege of Vicksburg helped break the Confederate territory into two parts. The Union also gained control of the entire Mississippi River. Civilians living in Vicksburg were trapped, suffered starvation, and bombardment.
What was the Emancipation Proclamation? In this address, Lincoln declared that all slaves living in Confederate states were now free.
What did Lincoln hope to achieve with the Emancipation Proclamation? Lincoln hoped to help the Union win the war by changing the focus of the war to the issue of freedom. Lincoln wanted the South to lose a large portion of its labor force. Lincoln wanted to encourage African Americans to join the Union side.
What was the significance of the Battle of Antietam? It was the bloodiest single day of the entire war.
Who was General Robert E. Lee? Lee was an experienced military man who commanded the Confederate army.
What were the differing opinions regarding the Emancipation Proclamation? Northern abolitionists felt Lincoln make slavery illegal throughout the entire U.S.
What were Ironclads? Iron plated steam ships, which could withstand heavy firing from cannons.
Why was the Civil War the first modern war? It was the first war after the Industrial Revolution.
Describe the advancements in weaponry and their significance. There were improvements made to bullets, muskets, cannons, war ships. All of these contributed to the high kill rate of the battles.
What was the result of the Battle of Gettysburg? Who won? Who lost? What advantage did the winning side have? The Union won the Battle of Gettysburg, partly because the Union controlled Little Round Top, which put them in a better strategic position than the South.
Why was the Battle of Gettysburg a turning point in the Civil War? It was a huge victory for the North, and the South would never attempt another invasion of the north.
What was the purpose and significance of Lincoln's Gettysburg address? Lincoln's address honored the Union soldiers, praised them for their bravery, and made a total committment to winning this war.
How did General Sherman's capture of Atlanta help Lincoln win re-election? It strengthened public support of the war because the North was making progress towards winning the war.
What was the Thirteenth Amendment? It made slavery illegal throughout the entire U.S.
Where did General Lee's surrender to the Uion take place? At a house in the small town of Appomottax Courthouse.
What kind of assistance did the Freedmen's Bureau provide? They provided supplies, medical services, established schools, and took care of lands abandoned or captured during the war.
What were the effects of the Civil War? Slavery ended, 620,000 Americans died, military districts were created in the South, and the southern economy was in ruins.
What does Reconstruction mean? It is the process of readmitting the southern states back into the Union.
Describe Lincoln's Ten Percent Plan? Lincoln's plan offered southerners amnesty for all illegal acts supporting the rebellion. Southerners had to swear an oath of loyalty to the U.S, agree slavery was illegal, 10% of voters had to make these pledges to form a new government.
What were the requirements of the Wade-Davis Bill? Wanted to make it harder for southern states to reenter by requiring a majority of voters to pledge.
Who was John Wilkes Booth? He was a southern sympathizer who was angry at Lincoln for his policies towards the South and towards African Americans.
What were the Black Codes, and what kinds of restrictions did they place on African Americans? The south passed Black Codes, which limited the freedom of African Americans. Black codes created working conditions similar to slavery, prevented from owning guns, not allowed to rent property except in cities.
What was the Fourteenth Amendment? Gave all people, born or naturalized in the U.S. right to citizenship, including African Americans. However, Native Americans were excluded.
What were the Reconstruction Acts and what did they do? These laws divided the South into five military districts, and a U.S. military commander controlled each district.
What was the Fifteenth Amendment? Gave African American men the right to vote.
What was the Ku Klux Klan? A secret society opposed to civil rights, particulary the African American right to vote. They used terror and violence to scare, harm, and murder African Americans.
What were the Jim Crow laws? They were laws that enforced the segregation of blacks and whites, which became common in the southern states.
Who were the Redeemers, and why did they want to require a poll tax? Democrats who regained control of state governments in the South. They wanted to prevent African Americans from voting by enforcing a poll tax.
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