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JMillerUnit 8 Review

Unit 8

Amendment that forbids poll taxes 26th
Supreme Court Case that made segregation legal Plessy v. Ferguson
city where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus Montgomery, Alabama
city where a group of black students gained national attention trying to go to school Little Rock, Arkansas
year that the March on Washington occurred 1963
city where civil rights protesters were met with fire hoses and dogs Birmingham, Alabama
most visible leader of the civil rights movement Martin Luther King, Jr
main method advocated by the SCLC and SNCC non-violent protest
communist leader of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh
main reason for US entrance into Vietnam to contain communism in Southeast Asia
many of the anti-war protests focused on ______ the draft
President that called in federal troops to integrate Little Rock Eisenhower
this was used as a defoliant to kill plant life Agent Orange
year that JFK was assassinated 1963
name of LBJ's domestic program Great Society
assassinated JFK Lee Harvey Oswald
replace JFK as president LBJ
court case that ended segregation Brown v. Board of Education
religious group that advocated a separate society for African Americans Nation of Islam
assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan Robert F. Kennedy
communist leader of Cuba Fidel Castro
turning point of Vietnam Tet Offensive
name of the New Frontier program that sent volunteers to poor nations Peace Corps
assassinated by James Earl Ray Martin Luther King, Jr
OPEC cut off the supply of _____ to the US oil
program under LBJ that provides medical care for the elderly Medicare
only president to resign from office Richard Nixon
place of the beginning of the sit-in movmenet Greensboro
citizens who rode interstate buses into the south to integrate the buses Freedom Riders
law that banned discrimination in public places Civil Rights Act of 1964
this event led to LBJ asking Congress to escalate the war efforts in Vietnam Gulf of Tonkin
these documents revealed that several presidents acted without knowledge of Congress in Vietnam Pentagon Papers
this led to LBJ cutting Great Society programs Vietnam
Nixon's policy that helped ease tensions around the world, especially with USSR and China detente
this President gave Nixon a full pardon Gerald Ford
Martin Luther King, Jr's speech at the March on Washington I Have a Dream
failed invasion of Cuba Bay of Pigs
this event almost led to nuclear war with USSR over missiles placed near the US Cuban Missile Crisis
this status was given to college students to avoid the draft deferments
Created by: jemiller