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Foley Native America

Study cards for Mr. Foley's Native American quiz.

What's the definition of "prejudice?" Making a judgement about a person, place, thing, or idea before knowing the facts about it.
Define "stereotype." A form of prejudice that involves taking one characteristic of a member of a group and applying it to all members of that group.
Define "racism." A form of prejudice whereby someone is viewed as sub-human based upon the color of his/her skin.
Define "tolerance." Fair actions, views, and treatment of people or ideas that are different than your own.
Indian Removal Act (1830) Legislation that called for Native Americans to be removed, by force if necessary, from land easy of the Missippi River to reservations to the west of the river.
Reservation Land set aside by the US government for settlement by Native Americans. Eventually, they decreased in size as white settlers took more land and government services were taken away.
Dawes Act Took away reservation land deemed "unproductive" and allowed white settlers to buy Native American reservation land.
Carlisle School Movement Schools set up to "kill the Indian, save the man" by educating Native American children in the ways of white Americans.
Trail of Tears Forced march endured by the Cherokee nation as they were removed from their ancestral lands and marched to a reservation in Oklahoma in 1838.
Poverty, alchoholism, suicide, and unemployment. The most common and widespread problems on American Indian reservations today.
Indian Wars Name given to the series of wars fought in the mid-19th century as the United States battled western and plains tribes resisting being forced onto reservations.
Manifest Destiny The idea that God intended for the United States to span North America from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west.
Created by: mrfoley