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Reetz Gr 8 Ch 14

Nativists U.S. Citizens who opposed immigration because they were suspicious of immigrants and feared losing jobs to them
Middle Class The social and economic level between the wealthy and the poor
Tenements Poorly built, overcrowded housing where many immigrants lived
Implicit understood though no clearly put into words
Transcendentalism the idea that people could rise above the material things in life; a popular movement among New England writers and thinkers in the mid-1800s
Utopian Communities Places where people worked to establish a perfect society; such communities were popular in the United States during the late 1700s and the early to mid-1800s
Abstract Expressing a quality or idea without reference to an actual thing
Temperance Movement A social reform effort that begun in the mid-1800s to encourage people to drink less alcohol
Common-School Movement a social reform effort that began in the mid-1800s and promoted the idea of having all children educated in a common place regardless of social class or background
Abolition an end to slavery
Why did many Irish immigrate to the United States? To get away from the potato famine
What is Romanticism? a rejection of many established rules, an emphasis on individual expression, and a great interest in nature
What was the Second Great Awakening? a movement in which there was a renewed interest in religion
What was the Seneca Falls Convention? the first public meeting about Women's rights held in the United States
Elizabeth Cady Stanton was leader and founder of which association? National Women's Suffrage Association
What was the Declaration of Sentiments? detailed 18 charges of social injustices by men towards women
What did the Grimke sisters do? They wrote American Slavery As It Is, argued for equal educational opportunities, and demanded equal pay for equal work
What was the Underground Railroad? slaves traveled at night, people that led the slaves were known as conductors, and some slaves escaped to Canada
What caused the Know-Nothing Party to fall apart? disagreements over the issue of slavery
What formed because of overcrowding and poor conditions in prisons? reformers created houses of correction
Who was the leader of the common-school movement? Horace Mann
Who was the most famous conductor of the Underground Railroad? Harriet Tubman
What caused the challenges in cities during the mid-1800s? rapid-growth
Name 4 hardships cities faced in the mid-1800s. lack of safe housing, poor public services, disease, criminal activity, and fires
How did Sojourner Truth get her name? Sojourner means traveler Truth because she spread truth
Who was Dorothea Dix? got facilities built for the menatally ill
What is the gag rule? It violated the First Amendment but the government used it anyway
What did Susan B. Anthony believe about women in the work force? equal pay for equal work
Describe Irish immigrants. many were unskilled and poor
what was Charles Grandison Finney's belief on sin? sin was avoidable
What was William Lloyd Garrison's view on slavery? opposed slavery
What was Frederick Douglas's view on abolitionists? he spoke out for abolitionists
Created by: ellist