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Omni 1 Secondary

Omnibus 1 Secondary Second Semester

Eustace Scrubb Cousin of the Pevensies, used to be a selfish pig, went through a cycle of "undragoning," Goes to Experiment House, friends with Jill Pole, travels to Narnia and frees Rilian, and helps Tirian fight the Last Battle of Narnia.
Jill Pole Goes to Experiment House, is friends with Eustace, travels to Narnia, is supposed to remember the signs, frees Rilian, helps Tirian fight in the Last Battle, loves Puzzle, and becomes a different girl.
Prince Rilian The son of Caspian X, was taken by the green Serpent, enchanted for 10 years, lived under the world with the Green Lady, was rescued by Puddleglum, Jill, and Eustace.
Glimfeather The owl who is in charge of the Parliament of Owls, and he helps Jill and Eustace get to Puddleglum.
Puddleglum The Marsh-wiggle who goes on the journey with the children to find Prince Rilian, he is the one who puts out the fire to stop the enchantment of the Green Lady,
Lady of the Green Kirtle The Green serpent who killed Rilian's mother, and Caspian's wife, enchanted Rilian for 10 years, is the queen of the underworld, is a witch.
King Tirian The Last king of Narnia, Loyal to his Narnians, best friend is Jewel, is rescued by Jill and Eustace fights the Last battle.
Jewel The unicorn who is best friends with Tirian, is also rescued by the children, fights for his and Tirian's life in the Last Battle, is thrown into the Stable.
Shift He is a sly, shifty, shady character, very arrogant, lets Puzzle do all the hard work, bossy, deceiving, jerk, liar, conniving, and hops from one lie to another.
Puzzle loyal, thinks he is stupid, obedient to Shift, doesn't stand up for what’s right.
Rishda Tarkaan He is the Tarkaan who helps Shift, he believes that there is no Tash or Aslan, but just Narnia. He also believes that one day he will be in charge of Narnia
Poggin The dwarf who is the leader of all the dwarves who do not want a king or Aslan or anything else except themselves. When thrown into the stable, he believes it is just the stable, and not Aslan's country.
Emeth The Calormene who believed in Tash, and did a bunch of good, but it was really for Aslan. Aslan accepts him into his own country as one of his own.
Peter Kreeft's Socrates The guy who comes back to life as Socrates, and questions different people about important questions in life, such as, "what is the best thing in life?" or "is abortion murder?"
Peter Pragma Is the college student who doesn't know what he is going to do with his life, is cross-examined by Socrates about where he wants to end up, and why you go to college, get a job, and get married.
Felicia Flake The girl who lives for worldly pleasures and for "happiness." She realizes that Happiness is not all that there is to life through Socrates' questions.
Dr. Rex Herrod Abortion doctor in Athens, is questioned by Socrates about whether or not abortion is murder, and what murder is.
Atilla Tarian The lecture dude who is talking about abortion, and doesn't like Socrates.
Pop Syke The Psychologist in both of Peter Kreeft's books whom Socrates questions about what is the best thing in life, and about what murder and abortion is. he's a hippie
Apostle Paul Wrote 13 of the 27 books of the N.T. tentmaker, rich, great education, pharisee, lived in a world class city, Hebrew of Hebrews, spoke Hebrew.
Judaizers The group of Jews who were teaching that you have to do certain acts before you can become a Christian, and that is a false gospel.
James Author of the book of James, Best qualified because he was Jesus' brother, sceptic before the resurrection, was always around Jesus, has parallels to Matthew.
Rosemary Sutcliff Author of Eagle of the Ninth, wasn't a Christian, she believed in Reincarnation, thinks she lived in Roman times. Thinks religious leaders are evil.
Marcus Flavius Aquila Main Character in EOTN, his dream is crushed, he risks his life to get back the Eagle, he befriends Cottia and Esca, owns a Wolf Cub.
Cradoc The Centurion who doesn't like Esca, is surprised that Esca would be so loyal to Marcus.
Uncle Aquila The uncle of Marcus, and older brother of Marcus' father. He takes Marcus in after his injury and he lives in Britain in as comfortable sized house with 3 other servants
Cottia The niece of Marcus' neighbors, first met at the arena, becomes great friends with Marcus, takes care of Cub while Marcus and Esca are gone, is in love with Marcus, a tomboy, and doesn't want to learn the British way of life.
Esca the gladiator who was saved and then bought by Marcus, he became Marcus' most faithful and loyal friend, he was willing to give up his dreams to help Marcus achieve his own.
Guern The former ninth legion soldier who was underneath Marcus' father, he now lived with his wife and kids who were part of the Picti tribe, he risked his life to help Marcus and Esca get the eagle back to Britain.
Wormwood The new demon whose uncle is Screwtape, his job is to trip up and keep the patient from "The Enemy." Also he doesn't do a very good job at it.
Screwtape The leader of the demons, his nephew Wormwood is to whom the letters are being written, he is training Wormwood to tempt, to make a better demon out of him.
The Patient Starts out as an unbeliever, he becomes a Christian, and falls more and more in love with Christ and then meets a great Christian girl and then he dies in the war. The patient could also be any one of us.
The Enemy (according to Screwtape) God. According to Screwtape, he is a two-faced creature who has the advantage of knowing what it is like to have been one of the human creatures, and he has some ulterior motive for loving the humans.
The Law of Undulation The normal stages in a humans life where you have mountains and valleys. You have good days and you have not so good days.
What is the nature of the relationship between Puzzle and Shift? The nature of the relationship between Puzzle and Shift is a Master/slave relationship. Puzzle believes he is too dumb to do anything and Shift is the brains and the slave driver.
What do Herrod and Socrates agree are the three elements that establish murder? Murder= 1)Killing) an innocent 3)human being.
Of the four men named James in the New Testament, why is James, the brother of Jesus, the most likely author of the book of James? James, the brother of Jesus is the most likely to be the author of James because he has all the qualifications and he was with Jesus his entire life. James son of Zeb was martyred. other two were non figures.
What was so important about the eagle standard, and whose responsibility was it to protect it? The eagle standard was so important because it showed the power that Rome had, and it was also the top legion that got the Eagle. In EOTN, it was the responsibility of Marcus' father to protect the standard
Is the Law of Undulation something God intends? Yes, God intends for us to go through ups and downs so that He can test us and refine us by fire.
Discuss music, silence and noise as described in Screwtape Letters. Music: the Godly, Christian praise songs that we sing, listen to, and write. The songs that are uplifting and encouraging and bring us closer to God. Silence: God speaks to us in the silence, and so Satan hates it. Noise:Hellish. Music and Silence:Heaven.
What is the extraordinary difference between how God creates and how man creates? God creates out of nothing. Man has to have materialistic items to make stuff. Man doesn't create. God does. Man's creation is mimicking God.
Created by: BDuShaw
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