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Nationalism A feeling of pride in you nation or ethnic (culture) and extreme loyalty to that group.
Imperialism Spreading the political or economic control of one country over another.
Militarism The idea that a nation will use its armed forces to threaten and acquire power over other nations or people; a policy of aggressive military preparedness.
Alliance An agreement of friendship to protect one another.
Casualty a military person lost through death, wounds, injury, sickness, internment, or capture or through being missed in action. being missing in action
Neutrality Not taking sides.
Pacifist a person who is opposed to war, and refuses to fight under any circumstances.
Trench Warfare A system of fighting a war from ditches dug to slow down the enemy and protect the infantry soldiers from enemy fire.
Huns Slang term for Germans during WWI to imply they were savage and uncivilized.
No Man’s Land Are between enemy lines/armies.
Contraband & Munitions illegal goods; war materials.
Mobilize To put into action.
Bonds paper notes given by the gov’t to those from who it borrowed $, promising to pay the $ back in a certain length of time.
Conscription draft(mandatory service)
Sedition the use of language to stir up rebellion against a gov’t.
Armistice a stop to the fighting.
Disarmament the reduction of weapons, military supplies, and armed forces of a gov’t.
Reparations payments required from a defeated nation for the damages and injuries it caused during a war.
Isolationism a policy of avoiding alliances and other types of involvements in affairs of other nations.
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