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Race Test 5

One of the factors related to the move from Jamestown to Williamsburg was ________ ______ was contaminated by seepage of salt water. drinking water
Another factor related to the move to Williamsburg was dirty living conditions caused what? disease
Another reason for moving the colony to Williamsburg was that Williamsburg was situated at a ______ elevation than Jamestown. higher
Another reason to move to Williamsburg was that _______ destroyed wooden buildings at Jamestown. Fire
Name 3 facots that influenced the move of the capital from Jamestown to Williamsburg. 1. Drinking water was contaminated 2. Dirty living conditions caused disease 3. Williamsburg was at a higher elevation 4. fire destroyed wooden buildings in Jamestown.
The capital of the colony started in Jamestown. Tell the next two locations for the capital. Williamsburg then to Richmond
The capital moved from Williamsburg to Richmond partly because teh population was miving_______. westward
Richmond was a more central _______ for a capital. location
Richmond's location was better for what? trade
Moving the capital to Richmond increased the distance from attack by the _________. English
Name 3 factors that influenced the move of the capital from Williamsburg to Richmond. 1. Population was moving westward 2. Richmond was a more central location 3. The location was better for trade 4. Increased the distance from English attack
Name the medium of exchange (curreny, which includes coins and paper bills). Money
What is the trading/exchanging of goods and services without the use of money? Barter
This is the buying of goods and services now and paying for them later. Credit
This is a good or service owed to another. Debt
What is money put away to save or spend at a later time? Saving
This was commonly not used in early agricultural societies. Money
What was commonly used instead of money? Barter
_______ people had money and coins to use to buy goods and services. Few
A tobacco farmer could use his _______ to pay for goods and services. tobbaco
Farmers and other consumers could also buy goods and services on _______ and pay their ______ when the crops were harvested and sold. credit debit
Did colonial VA have any banks? No
Conflicts developed between the colonies and _________ over how the colonies should be governed. England
The colonists and the English Parilament disagreed over how the colonies should be ___________. Governed
Who believed it had the legal authority in the colonies? Parliament and the local assenblies
Parliament believed it had the right to _______ the colonies. Tax
The colonists believed they should not be taxed since they had no _______ in parliament. Representation
What document gave the reasons for independence and ideas for self government? Declaration of Indpendence
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
The Declaration of Independence statest that the authority to govern belongs to the ________ rather than to kings and that all ________ are created equal and have rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. People People
Virginians made significant contributions to which era? Revolutionary Era
Created by: Providence4