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Chapter 8 v. terms

they are easy terms

Profit the money a business earns after all its expenses are paid.
Mass Production parts that are the same shape and the same size to make many goods at the same time.
Profit This was a period of time when there was a shift from making goods by hand to making them in a factory.
Vaqueros this was the period when there was a shift from making goods by hand.
Canal a human-made waterway.
Vaqueros were know for their skill at handling cattle and riding horses.
Annex take it over and make it a state.
Missouri Compromise that law brought two states into the union.
Manifest Destiny the idea that the United States had a right to add territory until it reached the Pacific Ocean.
Persecution a line of wagons traveling as a group.
Prairie Schooner a typical covered wagon on the westward trail.
Gold Rush a rapid flood of people into an area where gold has been discovered.
Pony Express a system of carrying mail by horse.
Entrepreneur is someone who takes risks to start a business.
Discrimination an unfair treatment.
Created by: JMadd