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Splendid Stack <3333

A long or arduous search for something Quest
To include Incorporate
Someone who judges Critic
A business Enterprise
Prospered or flourish Thrive
To resist Fight against
John Cabot sailed a ship called... the Matthew
_______ Day was a day when Catholics killed thousands of Huguenots. St. Bartholomews
_____ were known as Huguenots. Protestants
What did Jacques Cartier study? Navigation
What was John Smith's motto? No work;No food
John Rolfe brought tobacco to Jamestown. It made it ________. Successful and rich
Who mapped most of the Eastern coast? Samuel de Champlain
What were the people of Plymouth looking for? Religious freedom
Jamestown settlers were origially looking for_____. Gold
What coast did Henry Hudson reach? Maine Coast
What city did Champlain find? Quebec
Who was set adrift with his son and seven crew members? Henry Hudson
Turning northward, Henry Hudson explored what bay before arriving at the mouth of a wide river? Delaware Bay
New Amsterdam is located in what is known as _____ today. New York
Over how many French soldiers invaded the Netherlands? Over 100,000
The United States began as ______ colonies. 13
Hudson was hired by whom? Dutch East India company
Hudson needed to find the North East, all water route to _______. Asia
What influenced New Netherlands? The Dutch Republic
What coast did the English settle on? Atlantic Coast
What island did the Dutch purchase from the Indians? Manhattan Island
Who did John Rolfe marry? Pochohantas
Who founded Conneticut? Thomas Hooker
How many regions are the 13 colonies divided into? 3 regions
Of the 13 British colonies, what was the first state that was founded? Virginia
What were the English who settled in and near Massachusetts looking for? The freedom to practice their own religion
What was the first permanent English colony? Jamestown
What happened to Cabot on his fourth journey? he disappeared
Created by: Mantle7