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APUSH Unit 9..

Chapters 36-40

Competition between capitalism and communism Cold War
What percentage of women fulfilled non-traditional roles in the 1950s? 20-25%
Relationship where politics controls the military Military Industrial Complex
True or false: Eisenhower was in favor of a Military Industrial Complex. False. He warned against it in a speech.
Cheap housing where all houses look the same Levy housing
Who created Levy housing and where? Levitt brothers on Long Island
What happened to industry as a result of the baby boomers? They benefited a lot.
Meeting between Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt where Stalin promised to allow democracy in Poland but it actually became part of the USSR Yalta Conference
What were the 5 main causes of tension between the US and USSR? We took a long time to recognize the USSR as a country; we delayed the western front of WWII; we stopped giving lend-lease to USSR; Soviets invade nearby countries to create buffer; US wants to make sure Europe doesn't go communist
Telegram that said the US and USSR couldn't coexist; we couldn't overthrow their government but we couldn't let it expand Long Telegram
Who sent the Long Telegram? George Kennon
The US's policy of not allowing communism to spread Containment Policy
Our policy of funding any country that is fighting communism Truman Doctrine
Defense alliance joined by the US that said if the USSR attacked any member, they attacked every member NATO
Defense alliance joined by the USSR in response to us joining NATO Warsaw Pact
Communist leader of China Mao Ze Dong
Where did the Chinese nationalist government flee to after communism took over? Taiwan
Why was the Soviet detonation of the atomic bomb significant? It leveled the playing field - we were no longer the only ones who had one.
How did we gain an advantage after the Soviets detonated the atomic bomb? We detonated a hydrogen bomb
Program that background checked federal employees to make sure they weren't communist Loyalty Review Program
Organization that put suspected communists on trial House of UnAmerican Activities Committee
Cabinet member who was proved to be a communist Alger Hiss
What document proved that Alger Hiss was a communist? Pumpkin Papers
Senator who accused anyone who went against him a communist and put them on trial Joseph McCarthy
What group did Joseph McCarthy go after that was just too far? Army
Couple accused of giving nuclear secrets to the USSR that was found guilty and executed Rosenburgs
The Korean War was the ______-occupied North vs. the ______-occupied South. Soviet; US
What event caused China to become involved in the Korean War? We pushed the North all the way back to the Yalco River, which China was across from and made them feel threatened.
Book by Betty Friedan that challenged the cult of domesticity The Feminine Mystique
Why was Nixon attacked when he ran for Eisenhower's VP in 1952? He had a "slush fund" where people remembered him for political expenditures
Speech given by Nixon when he was attacked for having a slush fund that proved how powerful TV was in political campaigning Checkers speech
How did Eisenhower end the Korean War? He used the threat of nuclear weapons to make China sign an armistice
What group did Joseph McCarthy attack for being communist that became his downfall? Army
What three events happened during this era that showed the roots of the civil rights movement? Military integrated; desegregation of schools; Warren Court
Supreme Court case that called for the desegregation of schools Brown v. Board of Education
Woman whose actions started the Montgomery County Bus Boycott Rosa Parks
Give an example of the peaceful resistance shown by African Americans in this era. Sit ins at restaurants
Act that created highways across the country Interstate Highway Act
What was Eisenhower's policy toward communism? Massive Retaliation/Brinkmanship
Policy that if someone attacks us, we will attack back with nuclear weapons Massive Retaliation
Policy that we will push our enemy to the brink of war to get what we want Brinkmanship
Communist leader of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh
Battle that makes us start actually fighting in Vietnam instead of just aiding France Battle of Dien Bien Phu
Theory that if Vietnam falls to communism, the rest of Asia will follow Domino Theory
Split Vietnam in half along the 17th parallel and made the North communist and the South not Geneva Accords
Leader of the non-communist South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem
Who became the leader of the USSR after Stalin died? Kruschev
Undercover agency used to combat communism in third world countries CIA
Name two countries the CIA helped overthrow. Iran, Egypt
Doctrine that the US will help any country threatened by communism Eisenhower Doctrine
Oil coalition formed by Middle Eastern countries OPEC
Who launched the first satellite into space and what was its name? USSR; Sputnik
What was created in response to the USSR launching Sputnik? NASA
Place where the US and USSR met to discuss problems in Lebanon Camp David
Leader of Cuba we supported who was overthrown Batista
Communist leader of Cuba Fidel Castro
Who was the youngest President ever elected? John F. Kennedy
What President assembled one of the youngest cabinets in history? Kennedy
Structure that was the iconic symbol of the Cold War Berlin Wall
Who gave the Iron Curtain speech? Churchill
President of France who was frustrated with the US and assembled his own nuclear weapons in case we didn't help in a time of crisis Charles Degall
What was JFK's policy toward communism? Using more diplomatic measures with some military
Attempt by Cuban refugees to overthrow Castro that failed horribly Bay of Pigs
What do we do when we discover that Cuba has missiles from the USSR? Blockade
How do we keep our blockade of Cuba from being considered an act of war? Call it a quarantine
How was the Cuban Missile Crisis resolved? We pledge never to invade Cuba and secretly remove missiles in Turkey if they'll remove their missiles
Why was Kennedy slow to get into the civil rights movement? Any thing radical was related to communism
City where MLK led a peaceful protest that was met with police using hoses, dogs, etc. Birmingham, Alabama
MLK's leading of 2000 protestors where he gave his "I Have a Dream" speech March on Washington
City where JFK was shot Dallas, TX
Who killed JFK? Lee Harvey Oswald
What was the first thing Johnson did when he took over for JFK? Assembled Warren Commission to investigate his assassination
How was JFK's reputation hurt after his death? Found out about affairs and connections to organized crime
LBJ's method of bullying people into doing what he wants Johnson Treatment
Johnson's plan to end poverty that was very similar to the New Deal Great Society
Organization designed to fix poverty, especially in Appalachia Office of Economic Opportunity
Act that banned literacy tests and sent registrars to voting booths to make sure they're fair Voting Rights Act
Amendment that banned poll taxes 24th Amendment
What event caused Congress to allow us to get involved in the Vietnam War? Two US ships were fired on by North Vietnam
Act that gave LBJ the power to do whatever he thought was right against North Vietnam; Congress basically gave up their power to declare war Tonkin Gulf Resolution
Act that said the President must alert Congress within 48 hours of putting soldiers in a country and if Congress doesn't declare war he must pull troops out in 90 days; revoked Tonkin Gulf Resolution War Powers Act
Massive bombing campaign on North Vietnam that used more bombs than all of WWII Operation Rolling Thunder
Aggressive civil rights group Black Panthers
Radical civil rights group founded by Malcolm X Nation of Islam
Who killed MLK? James Earl Ray
Coordinated attack on all North Vietnamese major cities that proved there was no way we could win Tet Offensive
What event made the public start protesting the Vietnam War? Tet Offensive
Name for societal changes in the 60s Counter-culture
What invention made sex a more casual thing? Birth control
What three things caused the economic downturn in the 70s? Spending on Vietnam War; increased oil prices because of OPEC; Germany and Japan's economies finally improve after WWII and they take a share of the market
Nixon's policy of turning over the Vietnam War to the South Vietnamese Vietnamization
Nixon's policy of still honoring our commitment to Vietnam but letting them fight their own battle Nixon Doctrine
What three factors made someone most likely to be drafted into the army? Young, poor, probably African American
City where a soldier killed 200 innocent people in Vietnam that made the public disgusted with the war and soldiers in general Mylai, Vietnam
Secret trail through Cambodia that North Vietnam used to get supplies Ho Chi Minh Trail
Two protests of the Vietnam War that led to the killing of students Kent State University; Jackson State College
Amendment that lowered the voting age to 18 26th Amendment
Article published by the New York Times that showed how JFK and LBJ lied to the public and messed up that made people find the government less credible Pentagon Papers
What was the one positive thing Nixon did as President? Got better relations with China and USSR
Conference with USSR that called for limitation of missiles Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
We send our ping pong team to China as a display of better relations Ping Pong Diplomacy
Extremely liberal court under Nixon Warren Court
Supreme Court case that removed prayer and Bible readings from schools Ingle v. Vitel
Supreme Court case that legalized abortion Roe v. Wade
Organization that sets environmental standards for waste, emissions, etc. Environmental Protection Agency
Nixon's term for our cease-fire in Vietnam Peace with honor
War between Israel and Egypt where Israel gained land in the Middle East 6 Day War
What was the consequence of us helping Israel when they were attacked by Egypt and Syria? Arab nations embargo our oil and it starts an energy crisis
Hotel where the Democratic Party strategized and came up with platform Watergate Hotel
Group that planted microphones in the Watergate Hotel Committee to Re-Elect the President
Nixon's firing of the Attorney General and people investigating Watergate Saturday Night Massacre
Who was the first unelected person to become President? Gerald Ford
What was the first thing Ford did as President? Pardon Nixon
Meeting between US and USSR that established the boundaries of Eastern Europe (communism) and the USSR pledged not to commit human rights violations against their people or satellite nations Helsinki Accords
Idea brought about by the Vietnam War that we aren't as tough as we thought we were Vietnam Syndrome
Law that said it was against the law to discriminate sexually in any educational program Title 9
Amendment that said no one could be discriminated against due to gender that fell 3 states short of passing Equal Rights Amendment
Giving preference to minorities and women for jobs, colleges, etc. Affirmative action
Supreme Court case where a guy claimed he was turned down from a college because he was white and he won Bakke v. University of California
Meeting between Egypt and Israel where Israel agreed to give back lands won in 6 Day War and Egypt agreed to respect their borders Camp David Accords
What were the main problems during Carter's presidency? Bad economy, Iranian Hostage Crisis
How did Carter try to solve the Iranian Hostage Crisis? Was it successful? Embargoing Iran and doing a rescue mission; no
The hostages in Iran were released when? The day Reagan was elected president
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