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Esposito 8th

Unit 9 The Constitution

How do we count a state's population? With a census every 10 years
What does the number of representatives a state has in the House depend on? Population
What is the constitutional system that divides the power between the national and state governments called? Federalism
What is a proposed law called? A bill
What is judicial review? The power for the judical branch to decide if the laws and actions of the legislative and executive branches are constitutional
No laws or actions can conflict with what? The Constitution
What system enables each of the branches to limit the power of the other branches? Checks and Balances
Which house of congress is more independent and looks at the overall country? The Senate
To pass a proposed amendment to the constitution, how many states must approve? 3/4
How many electors does a state have in the electoral college? The number of representatives + senators they have in Congress
What is a change to the constitution? Amendment
Any powers not specified in the constitution are automatically given to whom? The states
Do other states have to accept each other's laws? YES
What were created in order to help organize the Executive Branch and its responsibilities? Departments
After a president is impeached in the house, what is the next step? Trial in the Senate
What courts have the power to resolve issues with national laws, federal government, and states? Federal Courts
Which branch can: decide how tax money is spent, raise an army or navy, declare war, pay government debts, and grant citizenship? Legislative Branch
What do state constitutions, laws, and court decisions have to agree with? The Constitution
Why will the Supreme Court decide to hear a case? If it involves the constitution or a federal law
If both the House and the Senate approve a bill, where does it go? To the President
How can Congress override a president's veto? With a 2/3 majority in both Houses of Congress
What did the Constitution get divided into to make it easier to understand and support? Articles
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution takes what? 2/3 majority in both Houses of Congess
Who is responsible for protecting the Constitution? The Judicial Branch
Who can propose a new bill in Congress? Any member of the House or Senate
What are the two lower (inferior) courts? District and Appellate courts
Congress has limited the size of the Supreme Court to what? 9 justices
If you are unhappy with a district courts decision, where do you appeal? The Appellate courts
How is the Constitution a "living document"? It is strong and flexible
Which house of Congress is more responsive to the changing wishes of the voters? House of Representatives
What is the system that allows each branch of government to limit the power of the other branches? Checks and balances
What 2 instances will cause a case to go straight to the Supreme Court? If it involves a state OR ambassador of another country
Define popular sovereignty. An idea that the authority of the government comes from the people
What does the preamble tell us? Why we need a new government
Which branch can: be commander in chief of the military, make treaties, nominate ambassadors and justices, and grant pardons? Executive Branch
The head of the Executive Branch is the ______ ? President OR Chief Executive
How many senators does each state have? 2
The first ten amendments to the Constitution are know as ______ ? The Bill of Rights
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