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Nico's ch 12

American Journey SS grade 7 Ch 12

mountain men frontiers men who made their living trapping beaver. They called the pelts(skins)hairy bank notes because they were worth money to them. When the beaver were over hunted they had to make a living by being guides or farmers.
Mormons members of the church of Jesus Christ of the latter-day saints. They settled in Utah to fulfill their vision of godly life.
Gold Miners people who mine gold
Lewis and Clark explored louisiana territory
Sacajawea was a guide for lewis and clark
John Jacob Astor a fur trader who organized the American Fur company
Moses Austin He was an empresario. A person granted land in Texas by the Mexican govt if they promised to bring settlers. He was the frirst to receive a land grant but he died before going there. His son Stephan recived permission and did what his father had planned
Stephan Austin Son of Moses Austin. Also an empresario who received permission from the Mexican govt. to settle in Texas. Recruited 300 families to settle in Texas
Joseph Smith Founder of the Morman church. A new Englander living in western NY he claimed he saw visions that told him to build another christian church he started the Mormons Church of the Latter Day saints.
Brighan Young took over as the head of the Mormons
Sam Houston commander and chief of the texas forces who fought against Mexicans and later named president of texas
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna became president of Mexico who met with stephan austin. He agreed to take away the ban on American Settlers but did not agree to make Texas a separate state of Mexico. Then Austin was arrested
Forty- Niner a gold miner
Levi Strauss sold the miners sturdy pants made of denim and became rich
Vigilantes committees of people who joined together to protect themselves in lawless mining towns. they took the law in their own hands and acted as the police, judge, jury and sometimes executioner
President James Polk three part war plan to take over mexican disputed land in texas
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Ended the mexican war. Mexico gave up Texas and agreed to the border of the Rio Grande
Siege a military blockage
Manifest Destiny the belief that it was the Americans destiny provided by God that they should overspread and posses all the land on the continent.
How did the Oregon Country become part of the US? John Q Adams signed the Adams Onis treaty with spain and Spain gave up its claims in oregon. in 1846 the british set their border at the 49 parallel. people moved to oregon for free or cheap land.
What was the Lone Star Republic? The Lone Star republic was the name of the area when it have won its freedom from mexico. This area was later annexed as Texas
How did Texas become part of the US? It was annexed in 1845
What was the Mexican Cession? When Mexico ceded or gave up California and New Mexico for 15 million
What was the Gadsden Purchase? The US bought the southern strip of Arizona and New Mexico from Mexico for 10 million achieved current borders
What was the Louisiana Purchase? When the US bought the central part of the US from France for 15 million
How did Florida become part of the US? during Adams Onis treaty Spain ceded (gave up) claims to land in Florida
How did the Original 13 Colonies become part of the US? They settled as English colonies and after the Revolutionary was they created their own Nation.
How did the ceded by British area become part of the US? the british agreed to move there border to the 49th parallel and that gave the us the oregon land up to what is now canada
Why did the 49ers move west? they moved west to find gold.
Why did Lewis and Clark move west? they were hired by Thomas Jefferson to explore the area west of the Mississippi
Why did Moses and Stephen Austin move west? to settle texas by getting land grant and bringing settlers
Why did the Mormons move west? to start their new church and religion
Why did Joesph Smith move west? To start the Mormon religion and follow his vision to start the Mormon church of the Latter day saints
Why did Brigham Young move west? to become the head of the Mormon Church in Utah
Why did Levi Strauss move west? To sell sturdy demin pants to miners
Why did Vigilantes move west? they were men in mining towns who took law into their own hands.
annex to add to its control take control over an area . The Vice President of Texas asked the US to annex texas. Take it as part of the US
What was the Adams Onis Treaty? John Q Adams signed the Adams Onis treaty with spain and Spain gave up its claims in oregon and florida
Where did Mormons use irrigations for crops? Deseret
From 1823-1825 What promise did americans who wanted to settle in mexican controlled areas have to make? They had to learn spanish, become Mexican citizen convertto catholicsism and follow mexican Laws.
What events happened at the Alamo This was a Spanish Mission, there were Americans inside the mission, Santa Anna surrounded the mission, the Mexicans won the fight at the Alamo
What is the name of the new texas government before annexation by the US but after they won independence from Mexico? Lone Star Republic
What were the causes of the Mexican War? Americans didn't adopt Mexican customs. Americans outnumbered Mexicans. Mexicans encouraged Europeansto enter texas Mexicans stopped trade.
Which President made Texas part of the US James Polk
When did Mexico finally surrender? After the US forces took Mexico city the capital of Mexico
What established the current borders of Arizona and New Mexico Gadsden Purchase
What were the results of the treaty of guadalupe-Hidalgo Ended the mexican war. Mexico gave up Texas and agreed to the border of the Rio Grande
What was a praire schooner? name for a covered wagon because traveling across the vast plains with white tops they looked like schooners(boats)
What is a rendezvous?(Ron day voo) a meeting. Mountain men had them once a year.
joint occupation when two groups occupy or claim or settle the same area. The British and the Americans agreed on joint occupation of the Oregon territory.
emigrant opposite of immigrant. Emigrant leaves an area. Immigrant comes into an area. So all immigrants are emigrants from the place they left. An italian who comes to america is an immigrant to the us but an emigrant from italy.
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