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US History - Ch. 8

Big Business and Big Cities

corporation a business in which many people own shares, or parts, of the business.
competition what occurs when more than one business tries to sell the same goods or services.
monopoly a company that has no competition.
labor union an organization of workers that tries to improve pay and working conditions for its members.
strike the stopping of work by workers.
persecution unfair treatment or punishment.
ethnic group a group of people who share a language or culture.
tenement a rundown, poorly maintained apartment building.
stockyard a fenced area where large numbers of animals such as hogs and cattle are kept until they are used as food or moved to another place.
skyscrapper a very tall building built with a steel frame.
rapid transit a system of trains used to move people around cities.
slum a poor, crowded part of a city.
settlement house a community center for people in cities.
progressives reformers who think governments should make laws to protect workers, consumers, and citizen's rights. d
muckracker someone who "rakes up," or points out, unpleasant truths.
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