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Japanese History

japan under the Shoguns.

Japan is located in what ocean? Pacific
What is Hokkaido? Japanese island.
What is Honshu? Japanese island.
What is Shikoku? Japanese island
What is Kyushu Japanses island.
What does the word archipelago mean? A group of islands.
Why is Japan suitable for limited crops? Too mountainous
Emperors ruled Japan in what era? 794 - 1185 Heian Period
Shoguns ruled Japan in what era? 1185 - 1868 Kamakura Period
What is Japan's oldest religion? Shinto
Japanese rural estates were called? shoen
The Yamato family were the descendents of? Shinto Sun God.
Emperors lost their powers at the end of what period? Kamakura
What does Shinto mean? 'Way of Gods'
Who were the Daimyos Powerful nobles who looked after the shoens.
The warriors employed by the Daimyo were called the ...? Samurai
The commander in chief of the military forces became the.....? Shogun.
The Fujiwara, Minamoto and Taira clans all fought for ...? Military power over Japan.
The Kamakura Period was when Japan was ruled by the ..... shoguns
Shogunates ruled japan for 150 years until ..? They couldn't pay wages to their army after being attacked by the Mongols.
The Samurai followed the code called ? Bushido
Archery, spear, fencing, horseriding were called ...... Martial Arts.
Buddhism was important to the Samurai as it talught them ...? full control of b ody and mind.
What was considered to be the responsibilies of the Samurai boys? to be educated and learn martial arts.
The Samuarai swore allegiance to ........? The Daimyo.
A masterless samurai was called a ....? Ronin
What helped in the disappearance of the samurai? Flintlock gun.
What was the main weapon used by the Samurai? Swords.
To take one's life was called ......? Seppuku.
Oda Nobunga set up a centralised government called..? Bafuku
Hideyoshi issued two Edicts for the purpose of ...? Contolling the peasants.
The ninja believed in ........? espionage,assassination, magic and mystercism.
People feared the ninja who were known for their...? ninjutsu - the art of stealth.
The ninja were considered the opposite to the Samurai and were considered to be ....? dishonourable.
The Emperor was reinstated in Japan as a result of ......? resentment toward shogun rule.
From 1603 - 1868 Japan went into virtual......from the rest of the world. isolation.
The abolishment of the Tokugwara bakufu led to end of the ....... rule in Japan. Shogun.
Created by: dmuhlhan