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Dnsr notes 24

West Side Story: Laramidia

Which sea way divided eastern and western portions of n america? Cretaceous Interior Seaway (during the late cretaceous)
What were these two separated lands called? Appalachia in the east and laramidia in the west
Did the cretaceous interior seaway stay static? No, it constantly fluctuated
In the Late Cretaceous, which dinosaur species dominated the ecosystem in various parts of the globe? Sauropods
Which other group in saurischians greatly diversified in the Cretaceous? Theropods
In the group, maniraptorans, which species diversified? dromaeosaurs, oviraptorosaurs, and therizinosaurs.
In the southern hemisphere ecosystems, who was the dominant meat-eater? abelisaurs
Who were the dominant meat eaters in the north? Tyrannosaurids
In which hemisphere did anklyosaurs diversify the most? Northern hemisphere
Where did hadrosaurids diversify the most? Asia, North America, and several other continents
In which hemisphere did the marginocephalians diversify? Northern
How do angiosperms differ from gymnosperms? Angiosperms grow covering for seeds (such as fruit) so animals can eat and deposit. Gymnosperms are naked seeds.
What are Teridophytes? Plants that come from the water (moss, ferns, horse tails)
What is the last 18 million years of the Cretaceous called? It extends from about 83 to 65 myo. Campanian and Maastrichtian
Where is the most complete dinosaur fossil record? Laramidia
Which dinosaurs lived on Laramidia? Theropods (tyrannosaurids, dromaeosaurs, troodontids, oviraptorosaurs), Ceratopsians, hadrosaurids, anklyosaurs.
Which of these groups is the most common? Hadrosaurids and ceratopsids
What do the fossils found suggest about all groups of dinosaurs? They were restricted to one region instead of engaging in long-range migratory behavior.
Why would plants and animals be endemic to a restricted province? Latitudinal zonation of temperature and rainfall
Utah sits on a biozone? What's a biozone? A biozone is the boundary. In this case, Utah sits on the boundary of North and South.
What are other key factors as to why the dinos would be endemic to a restricted area? plant ecology and seaway fluctuation
What are the two steps to creating a new species? Species must be isolated and then diverge so greatly that they do not recognize one another as a potential mate.
When was the Maastrichtian? The end of the Cretaceous (70-65 myo)
What was the Cretaceous Interior Seaway doing during the Maastrichtian? It was shallow and connected Laramidia and Appalachia
Most complete fossil record is where? Western North America
How long ago was the Maastrichtian? 60-65 mya (last 4 million years of the cretaceous)
How long was the Campanian 80-70 mya
Which group completely died out during the cretaceous? STEGOSAURS! NOOOO!!
Created by: Chelseagirl2508