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Dnsr notes 20

Courtship and Combat

Name 3 hypotheses have been proposed as to why some dinosaurs have such unique characteristics? Predator defense, thermoregulation, and display/combat
How is the extant phylogenetic bracket method useful? We can assess soft tissues and even behavior in dinosaurs by looking at the groups that they are most closely related to, such as crocodiles and birds.
What are homologies? Characteristics that can be traced back to a similar ancestor
What are analogies? Structures that have the same shape or might perform a similar function
What are biomechanical properties (regarding anatomical structure)? Whether a structure could withstand as a weapon.
What is an example of a biomechanical property? Spikes of stegosaurs, domes on pachycephalosaurs
What are some other ways we can guess dinosaur behavior? We can make observations on the behavior in living animals closely related to dinosaurs. (homologies)
When species can tell another member of their own species by anatomical structures? Species-specific features
What are two of the main uses of horns, frills, and other species structures? Display: sexual selection (intimidating and attracting) and species recognition
Through growth patterns, how can we find what unique structures were used for? Some dinosaurs like hadrosaurs and ceratopsians do not develop theirs until they’re nearly adults. This crosses out the defense hypothesis and even the thermoregulation hypothesis.
When sexual display is used in a group of dinosaurs what kind of herd/group is the dinosaur in? Complex social organizations
What is an example of a two different species being “reproductively isolated”? Two populations of the same species are separated and diverge into new characteristics, they will no longer recognize the other as a potential mate.
What is created from “reproductively isolated” dinosaurs? A new species.
Who discovered one of the earliest dinosaurian eggshell fragments? Jean-Jacques Pouech
When and where was this eggshell fragment found? 1859 in the French Pyrenees
Who was the other geologist that discovered two WHOLE eggs and when? Phillippe Matheron in 1869
Who identified the egg as dinosaurian and when? Paul Gervais 1877
Which dinosaur was prior though to be stealing eggs when really it was brooding over them? Oviraptor
Where and when were Oviraptor and her eggs found? Gobi Desert 1923
Who led the Central Asiatic expedition and who described Oviraptor? Roy Chapman Andrews and Henry Fairfield Osborn.
What dinosaur was Oviraptor originally identified as? Protoceratops
What did the nest include other than Oviraptor eggs? A partial skull of a baby velociraptor
What are the three hypotheses that explain this situation? Velociraptor baby was hungry and tried to eat oviraptor babies but was killed. Velociraptor's mother had laid eggs in oviraptor's nest. Skull is leftovers from meal brought by mother oviraptor.
Who found an abundance of eggshells in the Two Medicine Formation and when? Charles Gilmore, 1928
Who found the Two Medicine Formation? Jack Horner
How did Jack Horner find that the dinosaurs are actually baby hadrosaurs? He was shown the bones at a rock shop and discovered that they were baby hadrosaurs.
What does Maiasaura peeblesorum mean? "Good Mother Lizard"
What about Maiasaura makes her a good mother? Nested in large numbers, raised (fed and nurtured) her young until they were ready to be independent (which took some time considering the age of the juveniles found in ancient nests)
What other hadrosaur was a good mother? Hypacrosaurus Stebingeri
What was one of the main reasons as to why both of these species were helpless while young. Both had extremely soft cartilage which took a long time to grow strong.
Which theropod baby was strong at birth? What made this one strong? Troodon. Troodon had was more calcified and stronger and possibly left the nest at birth.
Where was maiasaura found? Montana
Where is Auca Mahuevo found? Argentina
How old is Auco Mahuevo and what period did it exist? 80 million years old in the late cretaceous
What clade of dinosaur did Auco Mahuevo have many eggs of? Sauropods
Who lead the team that searched Auco Mahuevo? Luis Chiappe and Rodolfo Coria
What significant thing was found at Auco Mahuevo? A few sauropod eggs that had preserved the dinosaur embryos and patches of fossilized skin.
What do studies suggest about this nesting site? The eggs were in a floodplain of ancient streams that periodically overflowed, burying the eggs on its banks in layers of mud.
Created by: Chelseagirl2508