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Impeachment The first step to removing an official from office by force. Occurs when a legislative body votes to bring charges against the official.
Implied powers powers not listed in the constitution but used by presidents as they see necessary to execute laws and defend the constitution.
Delegated Powers Powers given to the President by Senate to implement legislation.
Expressed powers powers granted to the president by the constitution.
What are the Presidents duties as Public Opinion Leader? represent public will shape the national agenda.
What are the Presidents duties as Political Party Leader? Implement party priorities shape party agenda symbolic head of the party.
What is executive privilege? withholding information from congressional, judicial, or public investigation. Implied executive power not in constitution Eisenhower was the first to use during water gate withheld tapes
Veto power given by article I of the constitution rejecting a bill from the senate keeps the bill from becoming law.
State of the Union Address gives the president the ability to shape the legislative agenda Article II of constitution president to report to congress from time to time on the state of the union Legislative power sets the legislative agenda domestic foreign economic policy.
What are the different kinds of presidential powers? examples Executive Legislative Judicial Diplomatic Military Public opinion leader Political Party Leader
Executive Orders Statements given by the president that relate to the organization of the federal bureaucracy,federal laws and enforcing federal court decisions no congress approval can be ruled unconstitutional by supreme court ar be repealed
Executive Power Clause Found in Article II Sec 1 Presidents have inferred the power to issue executive orders and claim executive privilege this has added a lot of power to the office.
What are the constitutional qualifications to become President? 35 years old native born to US and lived in US for 14 years. Article II
Which Amendment limited the number of terms a President could serve? Why? Amendment 22 after Roosevelt 4th term 1944 2 consecutive terms of 4 years each
What qualifies a president for impeachment? Can be impeached for bribery treason or other high crimes House of Rep has power to impeach Senate has power to try and convict need 2/3 vote to convict
Which amendment establishes the line of succession for the presidency? amendment 25
what are two types of management styles of Presidents? Pyramid wheel CEO hand on hierarchy of power at top
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