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Ch 18 8th SS

Study Stack for Chapt 18 8th Grade Social Studies - Creating America

This process was used by the U.S. government to readmit the Confederate states to the Union. Reconstruction
What did Southern States have to do to be readmitted into the Union? Create and approve a new state constitution that gave the right to vote to all men. Ratify the 14th Amendment.
Northerners who rushed to the South to gain money or political power by taking advantage of the Southern economy and selling goods at high rates Carpetbaggers
What were schools set up during the Reconstruction Era to help educate former slaves called? Freedmen’s Schools
A U.S. federal government agency that aided distressed freed slaves in 1865–1872 during the Reconstruction era of the United States. Freedmen’s Bureau
A system in which landowners gave farm workers land, seed, and tools in return for a part of the crop they raise. Sharecropping
Who were the sharecroppers? African Americans and white farmers who had lost their land during the war or to taxes.
Why was sharecropping not profitable? The farmers were forced to grow only cash crops, rather than crops that would provide their basic needs. The landowners often charged more than the sharecroppers made, so they were always in debt.
This Radical Republican called for land reforms, giving former slaves the land of their slave owners. Thaddeus Stevens
1868 Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that granted citizenship and equal protection of the laws to all persons born or naturalized in the United States (including former slaves but not Native Americans). 14th Amendment
What Southern Laws limited the freedom of former slaves? Black Codes
What group formed in 1866 to restore Southern society in the South and keep former slaves powerless? Ku Klux Klan
1870 Constitutional amendment to the U.S. Constitution that stated citizens could not be stopped from voting “on account of race color, or previous conditions of servitude,” thus protecting the voting rights of African Americans. 15th Amendment
What happened in the Panic of 1873? Banks closed and the credit system collapsed. Railroad companies closed so there was no way to transport goods.
What effect did the financial Panic of 1873 have on politics? Republican lost political campaigns to Democratic nominees because many Americans blamed the economic situation on the Republican Party.
What act outlawed racial segregation in public services and ensured the right of African Americans to serve as jurors? Civil Rights Act of 1875
What did the Compromise of 1877 do? Made Rutherford Hayes president and then removed the last federal troops from the South.
What was the name of Abraham Lincoln’s Vice President who became the 17th President after Lincoln’s death? Andrew Johnson
What was the name of the Secretary of State who was fired by President Johnson, which later almost led to Johnson being impeached? Edwin Stanton
By how many votes was President Johnson acquitted? 1
Who was elected president in 1868 and became the 18th President of the United States? Ulysses S. Grant
What group’s support gave Ulysses S. Grant the Presidency and the popular vote? Southern African Americans
What radical racist organization did Grant’s administration combat? Ku Klux Klan
Who did Ulysses S. Grant appoint for government positions? Friends and family, many of whom were unqualified.
In 1876 what did the Supreme Court rule in the case of U.S. vs. Cruikshank? The federal government had no right to punish individuals who violated civil rights of African Americans. States had the power to determine if a person’s civil rights were abused.
What was the Supreme Court ruling in the 1876 case of U.S. vs. Reese? It ruled that the 15th Amendment did not give everybody the right to vote; it only listed the grounds on which states could not deny the vote.
States tried to keep African Americans from voting by using these. Poll taxes and literacy tests
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