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ModernGA half

Half of the Modern GA Stack

The two federal Supreme Court cases were in what time period? 1960's
When was the CUS ruled to be unconstitutional? April 1962
When the CUS was abolished, what happened to the political power? shifted from rural to urban areas
Why were the districts reapportioned after the CUS was abolished? to five each citizens the right to vote (one person-one vote)
Before the CUS was abolished, what was the population rule? GA asserted that every county had one legislative member
Before the CUS was abolished, what did it mean about population rule? population didn't count
Who overcame the unlawful machinations of a political boss in a certain county? Jimmy Carter
What county was it? Quitman County
Why did he do that/ to win election to the state senate from the Fourteenth District in 1962
Carter devoted a time and attention to what? educational affairs
How many terms did Carter have? two senate terms
When was Carter elected governor? 1970
What did Carter reorganize? the executive branch
How did Carter do that? cut the number of agencies from 300 to 25
What did he influence? the state court system
Who did he appoint? the first female state judge
What did he create? Georgia Heritage Trust
What did the aforementioned program do? protect natural and cultural resources
What did he work to equalize? funding of Georgia Public schools
What other educational thing did he do? expanded vocational and preschool programs
What was Carter the first of? the first Georgian to become President
What is he internationally remembered for? negotiations of peace between Israel and Egypt
What did Carter do after being president? returned to Plains, GA
Carter worked with the CDC to defeat what? disease
He worked with the United Nations for what? ensure fair elections around the world
He worked with what program to build homes for poor Americans? Habitat for Humanity
During what time did GA politics shift? 1980's and 1990's
How did we favor political leaders? statewide we elected Democrats, but nationally we favored Republicans
What did the aforementioned question led to? more Republicans from GA in the US COngress
What was this system called? two-party system
What major event happened in 1996 GA hosted the Olympics in Atlanta
How many athletes participated? over 10,000
They represent how many countries? 197 different countries
How many volunteers were there? more than 90,000
How many countries won at least one medal? 79
What other stes in GA were for the Olympics? Athens, Conyers, Columbus, Jonesboro, Savannah
What world-class athletic facilities were made? Olympic Stadium, Lake Lanier Rowing Center
What did the Olympics do for Atlanta? brought international recognition to Atlanta, tremendous media coverage which led to increased tourism, international business expansion, job opportunities, millions of dollars into Georgia's economy
What ways did GA bring job opportunities volunteer, educational, and training programs
What did people criticize Olympic planners for? lack of infrastructure and street vendors
What was included in the lack of infrastructure? roads, bridges, ports, other basic facilities
What was the economic benefit on GA from the Olympics? $5.1 billion during 1991-1997
What will the economic impact be a result of? ACOG and spending by visitors to the region
By ____, ACOG's spending will have generated how much worth's economic activity? 1997, 2.6 billion
Spending by out-of-state visitors will generate an additional how much? $2.5 billion
Who benefited from the spending? service industries
What do monetary costs mean? it costs money
What are intangible costs? cost that is not financial
From 2000-2005. GA's illegal immigrant population jumped to what? 470,000
How much percentage was that? 114
Who said that? U.S. Department of Homeland Security
What were sacrificed to malls and houses? farmlands and forests
The effect of immigrants to the wages of natives depends on what? how substitutable immigrants are for native workers
In professional ranks, what can an increase in immigrant share mean? increase the wages of natives
In the manual labor market, an increase in the immigrant share means? reduces wages for natives (but the effect is small)
When was Maynard Jackson mayor? 1973-1981 and 1990-1994
When was Andrew Young mayor? 1981-1990
List several things Maynard Jackson did helped rebuild Hartsfield-Atlanta airport to modern standards, it was renamed in his honor; mayor when MARTA began, host for Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics, term coincided with Atlanta child murders
List things Andrew Young did in 1981 was elected mayor. signaled the institutionalism of the revolution in the black political power he had helped create in GA, AA mayor handed over the keys of a major city to another AA, second AA mayor, won reelection in 1985
Add more things about Andrew Young (I couldn't fit it) was defeated in 1990 primary bid to become Democratic candidate for governor of GA, aid to Dr. King, executive director of SCLC, first AA from GA to be elected to Congress since the 1860's
Created by: Tsarmina