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roman cultural

page 4

emperor Theodosious became ---- after Constantine's death
Western Theodosius split the empire into 2 separate empires: the ---- Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire
Rome ---- was the capital of the Western Roman Empire and Constantinople was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire
Germanic as Rome declined, it was no longer able to hold back the ---- tribes on its borders
climates these Germanic groups were in search of warmer ---- and better grazing land for their cattle
Huns in addition, many were fleeing the ----, fierce warriors from Mongolia in Asia
defeated in the late A.D. 300s, the Huns entered Eastern Europe and ---- defeated the Ostrogoths
defend because they knew Rome could no longer ---- itself, more Germanic groups began invading the Empire
captured; burned in A.D. 410, the Visigoth leader Alaric and his soldiers ---- the city of Rome and ---- it
800 this was the first time Rome had been conquered in ---- years
Vandals another Germanic group, the ---- overpowered Rome's territories in Spain and northern Africa
buildings the Vandals then entered Rome where they stripped ---- of everything valuable and burned them
English from these attacks came the ---- word vandalism, which means "the willful destruction of property"
army by mid A.D.400S, several Germanic leaders held high posts in Rome's government by overthrowing the western emperor , 14 year-old Romulus Augustulus
end the overthrowing of the western emperor marked the ---- of the Western Roman Empire
Why did the Visigoths rebel against the Romans? Although the Romans agreed to protect the Visigoths, they treated them badly. the Romans charged the Visigoths higher prices for food and kidnapped and enslaved many of them
influenced the law and government of the United States today is ---- by the laws and government of the ancient Romans
equal like the early Romans, Americans believe that a republic made up of ---- citizens is the best form of government
guilty we expect our judges to decide cases fairly, and we consider a person innocent until proven ---- just like the Romans did
alphabet today the ---- of the Latin language is used throughout the Western world
Portugal Latin shaped the languages of Italy, France, Spain ---- and romania
Romance ---- languages; French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian
words many English ---- words come from Latin
lawyers scientists, doctors, and ---- still use Latin phrases
species every known ---- of plant and animal has a Latin name
domes and arches western architecture uses styles of the Romans, such as ---- and ----
Christianity ---- began in the Roman Empire
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