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Chap 11 Sec. 2,3 &4

History Chapter 11 Sections 2, 3 & 4

What products did the Chinese buy from the British? Silver and opium
Why was extraterritoriality specifically an advantage for the British? They didn't get in trouble for opium smuggling
Why did the people of China feel their Qing rulers had lost their power? Could not resist foreign powers
Why would the French and British help the Chinese in the Taiping Rebelloin? To over their government and their foreign powers could take over
What was the Open Door Policy? Free trade with China and the U.S.
How did the U.S. get the Japanese to sign the Treaty of Kanagawa? Intimidation of warships
What did the Meiji Emperor do for Japan? Advanced education, military and economy
What did Napoleon III do when the Vietnamese tried to expel the French missionaries? Sent a fleet of men
What were the cultural attitudes of Europeans toward Africans? They were superior
What was the importance of the Suez Canal? Access to India through the Mediterranean and the Red seas
What was overlooked at the Berlin Conference and why? They didn't have real government according to Europeans
Who were the four groups that resisted European imperialism? Zulu people, Ethiopians, French West Africans and German East Africans
What was Porfirio Diaz known for? Law and order in Mexico
What was the result of the Spanish-American War? U.S. made the Philippines an American colony
Why did Emilio Aquinaldo feel betrayed? Helped U.S. defeat spanish then U.S. took over
Why would the U.S. want to control over the Panama Canal? To gain control over more territory
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