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Areas 5 and 7 are located in the parietal lobe
the red nucleus is located in the tegmentum of midbrain/subthalamus
muscle tone is largely controlled by descending motor fibers terminating on gamma motor neurons
the spinal dura terminates at the _____vertebral level S2
wotf is a normal amount of CSF 100ml
yellow colored CSF is due to A. and strongly suggest B. A.breakdown of RBC;s and B.subarachanoid hemorhage
the primary difference in composition between CSF and serum is that CSF has far less protein
what 2 conditions can result in dialation of the ventricles hydrochepalus and arnold chiari malformation
dandy-walker syndrome involved congenital absence of medial and lateral apertures
define spinal cord segment area of the spinal cord in which spinal nerve attach
hypertension is belived to be a significant contribution factor in ____hemorrhages cerebral
in general ,below mid cervical level, the ___artery supplies blood to the anterior spinal artery anterior radicular
woft would NOT likely cause cerbral ischemia B.Papilledema
you are the first health care practitioner to see a child with signs of increased intracranial press and other signs of abuse. after you call 911 and immediate life to threat is over,what do you do? notify authorities
name the arteries that supply the dark areas A.B A.anterior spinal B. PICA
a person sustainse sever blow to the forhead and hours later begins to show signs of incrased intracranial pressure A.What type of hemorrage B which vessel are invlolved A.subdural hemorrhage B. superior cerebral vein as it enters sup.sagittal sinus
the intralaminar,midline and posterior complex are nuclei of which functional group non-specific
motor cortices receive afferents from the _____nuclei of thalamus ventrolateral
the sensory and motor language areas communicate through the _______ superior longitudinal fasiculus
what group of fibers pass between the caudate and lentiform nuclei anterior limb of internal capsule
give the sources of affferents to areas 5 and 7 on the RIGHT A.association B Commissural C projection fibers from nonspecific groupd and ___ A.right 312 B.left 5,7 C. intergrative group
damage to midbrain reticular nuclei results in Coma
in a persistent vagitative state ,A is intact B is damaged A.reticular formation B.cerebral cortex
name the nuclie whose fibers join the inferior cerebellar peduncle lateral cuneate,lateral lemniscus,reticular nuclei of brainstem
name 2 groups of fibers which bring general sensation to reticular nuclei from the cord paleospinothalamic and neospinothalamic
name the group of fibers which terminate on the vpl neospinothalamic-medial lemniscus
a person experiences loss of all general sensation in the L leg and loss of motor in L leg.which artery was ocluded right anterior cerebral
give the location of the nerve cell bodies for each of the following fibers A.R neo B.L ventral C.R fasciculus gracilis A.L nuclues proprius B. R spinotrigemnial and R chief sensory nuclues of CN V C.R dorsal root ganglion t6 down
A.what tract carries proprioceptive info intergrated with the state of excitation of the lower motor neuron to the cerebellum B.name one group of fibers that provide the information about the excitation of the lower motor neuron A.ventral spinocerebellar B. dorsolateral nucleus
name the 2 major sources of info to the reticular nuclei that they use to affect homeostasis hypothalamus and visceral afferents
L hemidissection of T2 spinal cord I.R arm II. L arm III. R leg IV. L leg V. L T2 dermatome A.pain B.disc touch C.conscious pro D .motor E. no deficit I. E II.E III.A IV.BCD V.ABC
a person presents with bilateral deficits in pain, temperature ,crude touch and pressure in dermatore T5-10 A.mark the most site of lesion B. would deficit in motor be expect A.right in center draw circle B.no bc motor crossed higher up in medulla
the ________nucleus is located in the wall of lateral ventricle caudate
the open medulla is so named because the presence of the 4th ventricle
the suprior colliculus is located _____ tectum of the midbrain
choroid plexus produces about ___of the CSF 70%
name an area of the brain that lacks blood-brain barrier hypothalamus
woft causes hydrocephalus B,C
encephalocele nad anencephaly both result from improper closure of anterior nenropore
an occlusion of the ___artery would likely result in laguage deficits l middle cerbral
nuclie gracilis and cuneatus are supplied by the posterior spinal artery
the radicular arteries are branches of segmental spinal
occlusion at anterior spinal T3...I.pain II.disc touch III.motor a.R arm b.L arm c.R leg d.L leg e.no deficit I. C,D II.E III.C,D
the motor speech area (broca's area) is located in the inferior frontal gyrus of frontal lobe
what group of fibers connects the medulla and the cerebellum inferior cerebellar peduncle
substantia nigra is located nuclei of subthalamus
the S5 segment is located at the level L2
the fibers connecting the left and right sides of the spinal cord from the anterior commissure
a person is unable to interpret the meaning of spoken language. an occlusion of which artery would cause the deficit L middle cerebral artery
the pyramids are supplied by the anterior spinal
which blood vessel supplies the posterior lateral aspect of the open medulla PICA
a person presents with abnormal ocular movements and complaints of visual deficits which have developed over last 2 yrs You suspect a slow bleeding aneurysm located circle of willis
Occlusion anterior spinal artery T10 ....I. pain II.disc touch A.r arm B.l arm C.r leg D.l leg E. no deficit I. C ,D II. E
a 3 mo old infant presents with bulging fontanelles,lethargy and vomitting I.based only on these observations which is the most valid occlusion II. additional data leads you to suspect this is due to a head injury as in SBS. call 911 and what else I. A.the infant has increased intracranial pressure II. alert authorities
while watching hockey you get hit by in your pterion . Over next 30 min you get headaches and nausea. I. epidural hemorrage due to ____ II. What other signs II. what do you do I. middle meningeal a II. A,D III. call 911
via which group of fibers do the motor speech and sensory language areas communicate superior longitudinal fissure
consider an anterior cavitation of the central canal in the T5-T8 A.what areas of body pain B.what areas disc touch A. dermatomoes of T5-8 bilaterally B.no deficit
consider a vascular lesion destroying genu of the left internal capsule What sensory deficits sensory deficit on right side of face
right hemi of C2 I.pain II.disc touch III.conscious pro IV. deficit in which modality in the R C2 dermatome I. B,D,E II. A,C III. A,C IV. D
what stage of consciousness is characterized by nearly absent voluntary and spontaneous movements and elicited responses only with painful stimuli stupor
name the 2 major general sources of afferents to the reticular nuclei in the pahtway for ascending reticular activiation sensory input and cortical input
the superior colliculi are located tectum of midbrain
which portion of the ventricle system is lcoated in the dienchephalon 3 ventricle
what group of fibers connects the pons and cerebellum middle cerebellar peduncle
levels of gamma globulins are elevated in the what disease MS
what condition results from failure of the posterior neuropore to close spina bifida
the anterior choroidal artery is prone to thrombosis. Which structure does it supply hippocampus and globus pallidus
a person sustains a blow to the temporal lobe and results in epidural hemoorrhage middle meningeal artery
postrior limb of internal capsule is located between the lateral part of thalamus and lentiform nucleus
below the cervical cord the anterior spianl artery received blood from anterior radicular artery
woft is NOT a signe of increased intracranial pressure C. inreased heart rate
name the type of hemorrhage I.tearing a meningeal a II.tearing sup cerebral vein III.blood in CSF I. epidural II.subdural III. subarachnoid
wotf are chracteristic of person in veg state B.normal sleep cycle C.eye movements E.has intact reticular formation
which tract carries pro from the lower extremity integrated with the state of excitation of the lower motor neuron ventral spinocerebellar
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