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roman cultural sfs

page 3

Commodus after the death of Marcus Aurelius in A.D. 180, his son, ---- became emperor
cruel Commodus was ---- and wasted money
bodyguard in A.D. 192, Commodus ---- killed him
confusion nearly a century of fighting and ---- followed the death of Commodus
Severans after Commodus, emperors called the ---- ruled Rome
poverty the Serverans stayed in power by paying the army well, but they ignored the growing problems of crime and ----
borders they spent most of their time putting down revolts and protecting Rome's ----
weak when the last Severan ruler died in AD 235, Rome's leadership grew ---- and the government grew corrupt
duty fewer Romans honored the old ideals of ---- courage and honesty
worsened with a weak government , the economy worsened
goods people bought fewer ----
shopkeepers Artisans produced less, and ---- lost money
workers many businesses closed and the number of ---- dropped sharply
plague a ---- or disease that spreads widely, broke out and killed many people
ten the plague killed one out of every ---- people in the empire
inflation Rome also began to suffer from ---- or rapidly increasing prices
value inflation occurs when money loses its ----
taxes the weak economy meant fewer ---- were paid and the Roman government could not afford to pay soldiers to defend its territories
gold one way for the government to get money was to put less ---- in its coins
losing people soon learned that the coins did not have much gold in them and the cons began ---- value
bartering many people stopped using money altogether and began ---- or exchanging goods without using money
invaders because the Roman government could not afford to pay soldiers to protect its borders, ---- began pushing into the empire's territory
Germanic the Romans began using ---- warriors in their army
loyal these Germianic soldiers however were not --- to Rome
Diocletian in A.D. 284 a general named ---- became emperor
reforms Diocletian tried to establish ---- that would improve Rome's political situation
four Diocletian believed the empire was too large for one person to rule so he divided it into ---- parts
officials he named ---- to rule these areas but kept authority over all
economy Diocletian also worked to improve Rome's ----
slow to ---- inflation, Diocletian issued rules that set the prices of goods and the wages to be paid to workers
died to make sure more goods were produced, Diocletian ordered workers to remain at the same jobs until they ----
failed Diocletian;s reforms failed
ignored the people ---- his new rules, and Diocletian did not have enough power to make them obey
retired in A.D. 305 Diocletian ---- from office
Constantine after a period of conflict , another general named ---- became emperor in A.D. 312
aid to ---- the economy , Constantine issued several orders
trade the sons of workers had to follow their father's ----
land the sons of farmers had to work the ---- their fathers worked
west Constantine's changes, however, did not stop the empire's decline in the ----
east when the empire started to decline in the west, Constantine moved the capital from dying rome to a new city in the ----
capital Constantine moved the ---- to the Greek city of Byzantium
Constantinople Byzantium later became known as ----
Istanbul today, Constantinople is called ----
Christian Constantine was the first Roman Emperor to become a ----
Christianity he first came to believe in ---- when he was a young military leader
cross Constantine believed he had seen a flaming ---- cross in the sky that said "by this sign thou shall conquer"
battle the next day his army was victorious in an important ----
call he believed that the cross was a ---- to the Christian God
How did inflation occur? the government put less gold in its coins to create more money to pay soldiers. people learned that the coins did not have value the coins as highly
Created by: lyncall
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