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Ikeno Stack #124798

Ikeno G8 Ch 9Stack #124798

a ability of the state to nullify federal legislation nullification
supported the Alien and Sedition Act Federalist Party
taking the oath of office inauguration
forcing Americans to be a part of the British navy impressment
Jefferson's party Democratic-Republican Party
Hamilton's party Federalist Party
secretary of state who refused to commission judges appointment James Madison
first vice president John Adams
French diplomat that caused trouble for the U.S. Edmund Charles Genet
person who tried to take presidency from Jefferson Aaron Burr
written to oppose the Alien and Sedition Act Virginia and Kentucky Resolution
second vice president Thomas Jefferson
city of Washington's inauguration New York City
Washington's cabinet- Department of State Thomas Jefferson
Washington's cabinet-Department of Treasury Alexander Hamilton
Agreement that avoided war between U.S. and France Convention of 1800
preparation for war with possible war with France made navy a separate department, tripled size of army, recalled G. Washington, bullt U.S.S. Constitution
tax paid on goods and services excise tax
Law that established the court system Judiciary Act of 1789
outraged farmers set a precedence and let people know to not disobey national laws Whiskey Rebellion
treaty with Spain regarding right of deposit Pinckney Treaty
significance of Marbury vs Madison extended the courts power through judicial review
Washington's cabinet-department of defense or war Henry Knox
Washington's cabinet-department of justice Attorney General Edmund Randolph
group of advisors to the president cabinet
Impartiality during the French and Indian War Neutrality Proclamation
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