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Preble SS11: Ch 29

Chapter 29 Vocabulary

Domino theory Belief that if a country fell into communism, nearby countries would follow
French Indochina French-ruled colony made up of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia
Ho Chi Minh Trail Secret route used by North Vietnamese to send troops and supplies to the Viet Cong
Viet Cong South Vietnamese who fought to overthrow the Diem government and reunite the country under Communist rule
John F. Kennedy US president from 1961-1963
Lyndon B. Johnson US president from 1963-1969
Ngo Dinh Diem Leader of South Vietnam
Nikita Khrushchev Leader of the Soviet Union 1953 – 1964
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution 1964 legislation that gave President Johnson the power the use military force in Vietnam
Guerrilla warfare Surprise attacks by small bands of fighters
Napalm Jellied gasoline that burns violently; used to destroy vegetation and as a weapon
Agent Orange Chemical that kills plants; used in Vietnam to expose Viet Cong hideouts
Tet offensive Surprise Communist attack on US and South Vietnamese forces in 1968; further weakened American support for the war
Ho Chi Minh Leader of Communist Vietnam; revolutionary-founder of the Indochinese Communist Party
Counterculture Movement of mostly young Americans who had become disillusioned with the Vietnam War and injustices in society
Richard Nixon Republican president elected in 1968
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