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8th gr HistCh 17-18

8th grade History Ch 17 - 18 Test Review

What term means used to stop a strike? injunction
What terms refers to a business owned by two or more people? partnerships
What term refers to a super-size corporation of combined businesses? trust
What terms refers to the focus on money and possessions? materialism
What term refers to a one-owner business? prietorships
What was built in the 1860s by Irish workers and war veterans? Union Pacific
What was a group of local unions composed of skilled laborers called American Federation of Labor
What was the transcontinental line built near the Canadian border? Great Northern Railroad
What was the older union open to all workers known as? Collective bargaining
What was built eastward across the Sierra Nevada range? Union Pacific and Central Pacific
The first transcontinental railroad linked the Union Pacific line with which other line? Central Pacific
What did the Interstate Commerce Act do? Not bring many railroads to conviction
What was James J. Hill associated with? Atchion Topeka, Santa Fe railroads
How did many immigrants enter the United States? Ellis Island
What term refers to a business consolidation that buys stock to control several separate businesses in an industry and them makes decisions in the interest of the entire group? Holding company
Laissez-faire policies are closely associated with what? Capitalism
The Exclusion Act of 1882 was passed because of the large influx of immigrants from what country? China
What was one right that labor unions were eager to acquire? collective bargaining
What are the conditions of pure capitalism? not government regulates to protect consumers
The first transcontinental railroad was completed when the last spike was driven in the line in which city? Promintary Point, Utah
What was the name of Nevada silver and gold mine Combstock load
What gave 160 acres of land to settlers? Homestead Act
What terms refers to young cowboys? ranglers
What was Oliver H. Kelley's famesr' organization? Grange
What gave land to individual Indians for self-support? Dawes Act
What term refers to people under the care and protection of others? wards
What required the government to buy silver? Bland-Allison Act
What term refers to Oklahoma land grabbers? (hint: mascot of OU) Sooners
What was the source of gold in the Black Hills? Home Stakemine
What were areas set aside for Indians called? reservation
Abandoned mining towns int he West were often called what? Ghost towns
Who invented the first practical barbed wire Joseph Glidden
By what name was Oklahoma known before it was opened to settlement? Indian Territory
Who was the lieutenant colonel in the U.S. cavalry who was killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn? Custard, George Armstrong
What three groups of Americans "conquered" the frontier? Miners, cattlemen, farmers
What postal innovation brought mail to the remote farmers of the West? Rural free delivery
What man, who had sold meat to the Union armies during the Civil War, built a large and efficient meatpacking plant in Chicago? Phillip Armor
What invention helped the prairie farmers pump their water from a well? windmill
What did westerners what the government to use to back its money supply? silver
Who was the Sioux medicine man who inspired the Indian attack at Little Big Horn? Sitting Bull
Who were the famous outlaws of the West? Billy the Kid, Black Bart, Jesse James
What men furthered industries that aided the development of the West? Not Custard
What were the characteristic of the Great Plains of the American West? Not covered with Forests
What were America's policies toward the Indians in the late 1800s? Not encouraging them to join the Grange
With what groups did the cattlemen have conflicts with? Not miners
What trails did cowboys on cattle drives follow? Not homestead trail, Chisholm Trail, Goodnight-Loving Trail, Sidelia Trail
The lack of trees on the western prairies affected what things used by the homesteaders? Fuel, fencing, house construction, not dry farming techniques
What people were involved on a cattle drive? Pointman, Trail boss, Rangler, Not Ward
What problems were likely to cause trouble on the cattle drives? Not lack of forest
What famous Indians were involved in the Battle of Little Big Horn? Not Chief Joseph
Created by: bgpalmers