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Chap 11 Section 4

History Chapter 11 Section 4

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna 1794-1876; Mexican general, president, and dictator, he fought in the Texas Revolution and seized the Alamo but was defeated and captured by Sam Houston at San Jacinto
Porfirio Dias 1830-1915; Mexican general and politician; he was president and dictator of Mexico for a total of 30 years, he encouraged foreign investement but ruled the people of Mexico harshly
Emiliano Zapata 1879-1919; Mexican Revolutionary; he led the revolt against Porfirio Diaz in the south of Mexico during the Mexican Revolution
Francisco "Pancho" Villa 1878-1923; Mexican bandit and revolutionary leader, he led revolts against Victoriano Huerta, he was pursued by the United States but evaded General Pershing
Venustiano Carranza 1859-1920; Mexiacan Revolutionist and politician; he led forces against Victoriano Huerta during the Mexican Revolution
Jose Marti 1853-1895; Cuban writer and independence fighter; he was killed in the battle but became a symbol of Cuba's fight for freedom
Spanish-American War 1898; War fought between Spain and the U.S. that began after the sinking of the battleship USS Maine; the U.S. won the war in four months, gaining control of Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines
Emilio Aguinaldo 1869-1964; Self-proclaimed President of the new Philippine Republic in 1899; he fought for Filipino independence from the United States
Roosevelt Corollary A policy proposed by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt as an addition. or corollary, to the Monroe Doctrine; it pledged to use U.S. military force to prevent European interference in the internal affairs of Latin American nations while reserving for the U
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