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Chap 11 Section 3

History Chapter 11 Section 3

Social Darwinism An application of Charles Darwin's scientific theories of natural selection and the survival of the fittest to the struggle between nations and races; used in the late 1800s to justify imperialism and racism
Cecil Rhodes 1853-1902; British imperialist and business magnate; he was one of the foremost advocates of expanding the British Empire and was a strong believer in the superiority of the "Anglo-Saxon" race
Suez Canal 1956; Egyptian waterway connecting the Mediterranean and Red seas; built in 1869 by Franco - Egyptian Company; in 1875 Britain bought Egypt's share in the canal
Berlin Conference 1884-1885; A meeting at which representaives from European colonization of Africa
leopold II 1835-1909; King of Belgium from 1865 to 1909; he financed an expedition to the Congo and assumed the title of sovereign of the Congo Free State, his armies treated the Congolese brutally and exploited them as workers
Shaka died 1828;Founder of the Zulu Empire; he reorganized the army and introduced new fighting tactics, he exterminated many clans and conquered most of southern Africa
Menelik II 1844-1913; Emperor of Ethiopia after 1889; he gained Ethiopian independence from Italy in 1896
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