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ss roman cultural

page 1

admired the Romans ---- the Greeks and copied some of their ideas, though they often changed what they borrowed
flaws; ideal roman statues and art portrayed people with ----, whereas Greek art and statues portrayed ---- people
Greek romans incorporated ---- ideas in their architecture
porches they used Greek-style ---- and rows of columns called colonnades
vaults the romans also added their own features, such as arches, domes, and ---- which are curved ceilings
water the romans were the first people to invent and use concrete, a mixture of volcanic ash, lime, and ----
concrete buildings rome's ---- ---- were so well built that many still stand today
Colosseum; gods 2 famous buildings that still stand today are the ---- which is a large areana and the Pantheon which is a temple built in honor of Rome's ----
Greek roman authors based much of their writing on ---- works
Homer's Odyssey the roman writer Virgil drew some of his ideas from ---- ----
Italy Virgil's epic poem the Aeneid describes the adventures of the Trojan prince Aeneas and how he came to ----
brave Virgil presents Aeneas as the ideal Roman - ---- , self-controlled, and loyal to the gods
odes using Greek models, the poet Horace wrote satires and
human Satires are works that poke fun at ---- weaknesses
life Odes are poems that express strong emotions about
Livy ---- one of Rome's most famous historians, wrote the History of Rome
power Livy wrote History of Rome i about 10 B.C. and in it he describes Romes rise to ----
Latin the language of the romans, ---- had a huge impact on future generations
learning Latin became Europes language for government, trade, and ---- until about A.D. 1500
Italian Latin became the basis of many modern European languages, such as ---- , French, and Spanish, and shaped many others
science the romans also learned from greek ----
medical the greek doctor Galen brought many greek ---- ideas to Rome
anatomy Galen emphasized the importance of ---- , the study of body structure
organs to learn about inner ---- Galen cut open dead animals and recorded his findings
1,500 doctors in the west studied Galen's books and drawings for more than ---- years
Ptolemy another important scientist of the Roman Empire was ----
sky Ptolemy studied the ---- and carefully mapped over 1,000 different stars
motion Ptolemy also studied the ---- of planets and stars and created rules explaining their movements
bridges while roman scientists tried to understand how the world worked, roman engineers built an astonishing system of roads and ---- to connect the empire
engineers Roman ---- built roads from Rome to every part of the empire - "All roads lead to Rome"
aqueducts the roads were well built and made travel and trade more accessible. engineers also built ---- to supply their cities with freshwater
largest Rome was one of the ---- cities in the ancient world
million by the time of Augustus, over a ---- people lived there
cities Rome was carefully planned as were many roman ----
Forum at its center was the ---- an open space that served as a marketplace and public square
Temples ---- and public buildings were built around Forum
wealthy Romans lived in large, fine homes
crowded the city of Rome was ---- , noisy, and dirty
night people tossed garbage into the streets and thieves prowled the streets at ----
poor most people in Rome were ----
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