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5th Six Weeks Review

Age of Oil, Progressive Movement and The Great Depression

First native-born Texan to be elected governor of Texas who supported farmers and ranchers and small businesses. James Hogg
A period of great profits followed by a downward turn in an industry. "boom and bust" cycle
Rural citizens who had not benefited from new industry started this movement in the 1890's. Populism
This group worked to get women the right to vote. The Texas Equal Suffrage Association
"boom and bust" in the cotton industry is a characteristic of what era? The Great Depression
The dust bowl drought and New Deal programs are characteristics of what era? The Great Depression
Why were many military bases built in Texas during World War II? Because Texas had a mild climate and large expanses of land.
Growth in urban areas, the Temperance Movement and the Texas Railroad Commission are characteristics of what era? The Age of Oil
What helped ranching develop in West Texas? The windmills
How did World War II change the lives of women. Many women entered the workforce.
These industries led to urbanization in Texas transportation, manufacturing, oil & gas production.
The arrival of military facilities, naval and aircraft production and ammunition plants were the result of what? International conflicts
How was Texas' economic development affected by the Dust Bowl? Many farms were lost to banks.
How was Texas's society affected by the Dust Bowl? Some North Texas farmers moved west to California
Created by: mcintirel