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5th 6 Weeks Notes

Study for da test!

 Oveta Culp Hobby? A Texan War Hero.
 Dwight Eisenhower? A texan who was a general in WW2 and later became president of the United States.
 Rosie the Riveter? The We Can Do It lady help kick start the women to help with the war effort.
 Hector P. Garcia? Was a Mexican-American physician, surgeon, World War II veteran, civil rights advocate, and founder of the American G.I. Forum.
 Zimmerman Telegram? A Telegram sent to Mexico from Germany saying if they help win the war they would reclaim the land the lost from the US.
 Texas oil and entire world? Texas had alot of oil and since everything needed oil to run it became a big industry for Texas/
 Economic effect of WW2 on Texas? The need for oil sprang Texas alive and they made alot of money.
 Urban Texas? Big cities became Urbanized when Texas demmand for oil increased.
 Texas “Black Migration”? The Black Migration was the movement of 6 million African-Americans out of the rural Southern United States to the Northeast, Midwest, and West for most of the 20th century. Some historians differentiate between the first Great Migration (1910–1930), numb
 Germany’s promise to Mexico? To help them reclaim land they lost if they helped the war.
 Urban? City Life...etc
 Rural? Country Life...etc
Effect of Texas oil production during WW2? Since the war needed tons of oil Texas made alot of money because of its signifance supply of oil.
 Effect of Dust Bowl? The dust caused farmers to leave and it hurt the econmy poorly.
 Great Depression and its effect on women/minorities? When it came to place everyone needed to work so women and minorieties began to work.
 Place the following in correct order…1. Dust Bowl, 2. WW2, 3. Great Depression, 4. WW1? WW1, Dust Bowl, Gret Depression, WW2
 Current stimulus is to Obama as _____________________ is to FDR? New Deal
 Cause of Dust Bowl? Plowing of the natural grasses that holded the land sturdy.
 U.S. reason for entering WW2? Pural Harbor
 U.S. reason for entering WW1? Zimmerman Telergram, Sinking of the Luthania
 Petrochemical Industry? They make chemicals that are used in the war.
 Wildcatters? People that look for oil where it hasnt been discovered.
 Alphabet Agencies? Help with the new deal to begin economic growth.
Created by: Study_123