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5th 6 Weeks Review

Oveta Culp Hobby Colonel in the Women’s Army Corps during WW2
Dwight Eisenhower Important military leader during WW2
Rosie the Riveter imaginary female person that represented all women who went to work in the factories during WW2 while the men were at war
Hector P. Garcia founded American G.I Forum and fought discrimination against Hispanics
Zimmerman Telegram sent by Arthur Zimmerman to Mexico trying to get them to join them in WW1. Germany promised to help the Mexicans get back the southwestern U.S.
Texas oil and entire world Texas thrust into world market because of the global demand for oil
Economic effect of WW2 on Texas caused us to move toward industrialization, and most people became employed
Urban Texas grew in Texas because industrial jobs near cities grew and people moved to town!
Texas “Black Migration” oil industry gave them economic opportunities and better jobs… so they moved!
Germany’s promise to Mexico If Mexico would join WW1, Germany would help them get back southwestern U.S.
Urban ciry life
Rural farm life
Effect of Texas oil production during WW2 helped the allies win WW2
Effect of Dust Bowl brought on farm subsidies, use of irrigation, new farming techniques, and population re-distribution
Great Depression and its effect on women/minorities they lost jobs to Anglo males
Place the following in correct order… 1. Dust Bowl, 2. WW2, 3. Great Depression, 4. WW1- 4,3,1,2
Current stimulus is to Obama as _____________________ is to FDR New Deal
Cause of Dust Bowl drought, poor farming techniques
U.S. reason for entering WW2 Pearl Harbor
U.S. reason for entering WW1 Lusitania, Zimmerman Telegram (Zimmerman Telegram was the last straw)
Petrochemical Industry industry that produces many things from crude oil… very important industry!
Wildcatters people who roamed the country looking for places to drill for oil
Alphabet Agencies Created by New Deal… like WPA, PWA, FDIC etc
Created by: matthew7777
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