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Foy Ch. 17 test

In a system of farming the land after the Civil War, the landowner provided the land, tools and supplies, while who provided the labor? sharecroppers
What Union General wanted to repay former slaves for their forced labor during slavery with 40-acre plots of land. William T. Sherman
You are a former slave. You must use separate public facilities as white people. What is the term for this forced racial separation? segregation
What was Ulysses S. Grant's campaign slogan when he ran for President? "Let Us Have Peace"
What conditions did tired southern soldiers find after they returned home from the Civil War? damaged economy and destroyed farms
What group wanted the Federal government to force change in the South? Radical Republicans
What were the Democrats called who brought their party back to power in the South? Redeemers
Which amendment banned slavery throughout the United States? thirteenth
Lawmaking groups used this process to bring charges of illegal activity against a public official, such as Andrew Johnson. impeachment
What were the laws that greatly limited the freedom of African Americans? Black Codes
Which amendment gave African American men the right to vote? fifteenth
By the 1880’s, what laws, that made segregation legal in the southern states, were common in the South? Jim Crow laws
What political party had southern African Americans as their largest group of voters? Republican
What law passed in 1875 guaranteed African Americans equal rights in public places such as theaters? Civil Rights Act
What man, who was the son of a former slave, was the first African American to serve in the United States Senate? Hiram Revels
Who was the leader of the Radical Republicans? Thaddeus Stevens
As more of what group of people took office, did more white southerners begin to call for the end of Reconstruction? African Americans
Who created the Ten Percent Plan to allow southern states to reenter the Union? Abraham Lincoln
What was the group of white Southerners from Tennessee who were against giving civil rights to African Americans. Ku Klux Klan
What agency, established in 1865, provided help for freed people and certain poor people in the South. Freedmen's Bureau
What was the process of allowing the former Confederate States to reenter the Union? Reconstruction
What government body was controlled by Republicans after the election of 1866? congress
Reconstruction governments established what laws that divided the South into five military districts? Reconstruction Acts
Who was the president of the United States in 1866? Andrew Johnson
In an effort to deny the vote to African Americans, what was created to force people to pay a tax before they could vote? poll tax
Why did Congress refuse to readmit Southern states after Johnson had already declared the Union to be restored? There were too many new elected representatives who were former Confederate leaders.
What issue did the Republican party most agree on during Reconstruction? abolishing slavery
What was the purpose of the Ten Percent Plan? Lincoln wanted to allow southern states to reenter the Union peacefully.
Under the Ten Percent Plan, what did Southerners have to do in order to be readmitted into the Union? Swear allegiance to the Union and agree that slavery was illegal.
How did General William Tecumseh Sherman want to repay former slaves for their forced labor? Give them 40-acre plots of land taken from the Confederates.
How was Johnson's Reconstruction plan different from Lincoln's plan? Wealthy Southerners and former Confederate officials had to receive a presidential pardon.
Created by: lfoy8290