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History Ch. 11 SG

Study Guide

Why did the South have more trained military leaders? most military colleges were located in the South
Lincoln's goal was to ____________, even if it meant allowing _____ to continue preserve the Union; slavery
What hindered Jefferson Davis's ability to conduct war? Confederacy's commitment to state's rights
T/F: The South suffered from inflation and food shortages more than the North did during the war True
The North experienced _________ because of the war. an economic boom
What spread infections in hospitals? unsterilized tools
Why couldn't Robert E. Lee fight for the South? he could not fight against his home state of Virginia
What happened when Lincoln suspended habeas corpus? a person could be imprisoned without trial
Why did Jefferson Davis want to fight a war of attrition? so the South could avoid large battles and exhaust the North's resources
How many Union soldiers died at the prison in Andersonville? 13,000
Why did Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation? because of how the South treated African American troops
Why did Benjamin Grierson's forces travel 600 miles? to distract the Confederates so Grant could land south of Vicksburg
Why was Chattanooga an important objective? it contained a railroad leading to Atlanta
What did the Anaconda plan not include? invading the capital of Richmond
T/F: The Emancipation Proclamation freed all slaves. False, it only freed the slaves in states at war with the Union
Why was capturing Vicksburg important? it cut the South in two
Why did the Confederates surrender at Vicksburg? due to starvation
Why was Farragut's capture important? it meant blockade runners could no longer dock at any port in the Gulf of Mexico east of the Mississippi
What was the main objective of the Anaconda plan? to blockade Southern ports and force the Confederates to run out of resources faster and surrender
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