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Race Test 4

How many supply ships arrived which helped to ensure the survival of the settlers? Two
Who initiated trading relationships Powhatans? Captain John Smith
The Powhatans traded _______, _______, and _______ with the English in exchange for tools, pots, guns, and other goods. food, furs, leather
Who believed that the English and American Indians could live in harmony? Pocahontas, daughter of Chief Powhatan
Who developed a friendship with the colonists that helped them survive? Pocahontas
The Powhatans traded food, fur, and leather with the English in exchange for _________, _______, _______, and other goods. Tools, Pots, Guns
The Powhatans introduced new crops to the English. Name 2 important crops that they introduced. Corn and Tobacco
The Powhatan people realized the English settlement would continue to ________. Grow
The Powhatan saw the colonists as ___________ that would take over their land. Invaders
Who led Jamestown settlement with strong leadership? Captain John Smith
The emphasis of self-sustaining ________ helped to ensure the survival of the colony. Agriculture
Name 3 changes that took place to ensure the survival of the colony? 1. Arrival of 2 supply ships 2. Forced work program 3. Captain John Smith's leadership 4. Self-sustaining agriculture
What is a crop that is grown to sell for money rather than for use by the growers? Cash Crop
The economy of the VA colony depended on what as a primary source of wealth. Agriculture
What became the most profitable agricultural product? Tobacco
Tobacco was sold in England as a ________ _________. Cash Crop
The successful planting of tobacco depended on a reliable and inexpensive source of _______. Labor
Who were brought to the colony against their will to work as slaves on the plantations? Africans
What did the VA colony become dependent upon? This dependence lasted a long time. Slave Labor
Whenever people settle an area, they change the _______ to reflect the beliefs, customs, and architecture of their culture. Landscape
Nae 3 examples of cultural landscapes. Barns, Homes, and Places of Worship
The place named Roanoke reflects which culture? American Indians
In which 2 regions, did the English primarily settle in? Coastal Plain (Tidewater) Piedmont
The Germans and the Scotch-Irish settled primarily where in Virginia? This place was along the migration route. Shenandoah Valley
Where did the Africans primarily settle in? These regions required a great deal of agricultural labor? Coastal Plain (Tidewater) Piedmont
In which 3 regions could you find the American Indians (First Americans)? Coastal Plain (Tidewater) Piedmont Appalachian Plateau
What caused people to adapt old customs to their new environment? Migration
The culture of VA reflected what 3 origins? American Indian African European
What factors often influence the location of a capital? Geographical Factors
The success of tobacco as a cash crop transformed life in the VA colony and encouraged what? Slavery
The place named Richmond reflects which culture? England
Created by: Providence4