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WWII Study Guide

Notes on Canada and WWII

Dictator A ruler with unrestricted power, without any democratic restrictions
Totalitarian State A dictatorship in which the government uses intimidation,violence, and propaganda to rule all aspects of the social and political life of its citizens.
Five-year Plans Stalin's plans for economic development in the Soviet Union over five years.
Fascist A form of authoritarian government that is totalitarian and nationalistic.
Weimar Republic The democratic government in Germany after the First World War
Nazis Members of the National Socialist Germans Workers' Party;the Nazis were extreme nationalists who took power in 1933 and controlled every aspect of German life through a police state.
Kristallnacht A co-ordinated attack against jewish people and their property carried out by Nazis in Germany on November 9,1938.
Persecution To oppress or ill-treat because of race , religion , gender, sexual orientation, or beliefs
Holocaust The Nazi imprisonment and murder of 6 million Jewish people and 5 million other peoples during the Second World War
Policy Of Appeasement Giving in to an aggressor's demands in the hopes that no more demands will be made.
Non-aggression Pact An agreement between two countries not to attack each other.
Isolationism The policy of remaining apart form the affairs of other countries.
Refugee A person displaced from his or her home and territory by war and other acts of aggression
Anti-Semitism Discrimination or hostility toward Jewish people.
Deportation The act of sending someone back to his or her native land
British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) A program to train pilots and aircrew during the second Woorld war; it produced half of all Commonwealth aircrew and is the largest air training program in history.
Wartime Information Board Board established in 1942 to coordinate wartime propaganda in Canada.
Total War The mobilisation of the entire resources of the nation of the war.
Crown Corporations Businesses and industries owned by the Canadian government.
Allies Countries fighting against Germany during the Second World War , including Britain, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and after 1941, the United States and the U.S.S.R .
Axis Alliance between Germany, Italy, and Japan.
blitzkrieg German war tactic of surprise attacks by tanks and fighter planes.
Dunkirk Port town of France from which a massive Allied evacuation took place in May 1940, when German force conquered France.
Luftwaffe The German air force.
The Blitz The heavy, frequent bombing attacks on London and other British cities by Nazi Germany
Battle of Britain An air campaign launched in 1940 by the Royal Air Force to stop the Germans from achieving air superiority
Operation Barbarossa Germany's unsuccessful invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941-1942, which broke the non-aggression pact ultimately led to Soviet Union joining the allies.
Pearl Harbour The Japanese bombing of the U.S. naval base in Hawaii.
Battle of Hong Kong Japan's attack on the British colony of Hong Kong in which there were heavy Canadian losses.
Black Christmas December 25,1941 , the date Hong Kong fell to the Japanese.
Battle of the Atlantic The struggle between the Allies and the Axis powers to control the Allies' shipping route across the Atlantic Ocean.
Corvettes Small,fast, warships built in Canada to help protect convoys in the Atlantic Ocean.
Bomber Command The section of the RAF that directed the strategic bombing of Germany..
Dieppe Raid The 1942 trial raid by Canadian troops against Germany's occupation of Dieppe; Canada suffered heavy losses
Italian Campaign 1943 Allied battles to recapture Europe from the south , through Sicily and Italy .
D-Day June 6 ,1944, the day allied armies, including Canada, invaded France; the biggest Allied invasion of the Second World War.
Paratroopers Soldiers trained to parachute from airplanes onto combat areas.
Juno Beach The nine-kilometre stretch of beach in France where Canadian troops landed on D-Day.
Manhattan Project The code name given during the Second World War for the American plan to develop the first atomic bomb.
Atomic Bomb A bomb containing radioactive material, capable of destroying an entire city or region.
Created by: Ama B
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