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Chapter 22 Reagan

Chapter 22 questions

budget deficit the amount which government spending for a year exceeds gov. income
Jerry Falwell founded the Moral Majority
Ronald Reagan destroyed communism
Tiananmen Square hundreds of unarmed people were massacred and gunned down
David A Stockman proponent of supply-side economics but later criticized Reagonomics
Malaise Speech speech Pres. Carter gave to urge Americans to control their spending
Israel and South Africa suspected of having nuclear weapons
Westside Community School District v. Mergens allowed students to form an after school Christian group
Planned Parenthood of Southwestern PA v. Casey allowed states to put certain limits on legalized abortion
American hostages in Iran released happened hours after Reagan was sworn in
Ronald Reagan “Great Communicator”
Savings and Loan crisis broke Bush’s pledge for no new taxes
Glasnost lifted media censorship and allowed public criticism of the Soviet government
Reagan’s administration supported the repression of regimes to stop communism
David A. Stockman appointed to sell Reaganomics to Congress
Jesse Jackson candidate that generated excitement in 1988
Ronald Reagan believed that nuclear disarmament would not halt Soviet expansion
Berlin Wall both East and West Berliners resented the presence of the wall
R. Reagan believed economic engagement and diplomacy are powerful tools for change
Perestroika when Mikhail Gorbachev restructured the corrupt government bureaucracy
Wealthy Americans benefited the most from the economic policies of the 1980s
Roots of the Conservative shift opposition to cultural & government policies of the past
Clarence Thomas faced a bitter Senate battle after being accused of sexual harassment
Women Voters higher proportions of women voted, and they voted differently than men
Tiananmen Square Massacre biggest setback for democracy after the Cold War
New Right a coalition of conservative media commentators, think tanks, and Christians
Space Shuttle design significant because it could be reused
U.S. peacekeepers traveled to Lebanon in 1983 to keep instability from spreading
Attack on Iraq to protect petroleum supplies and respond to reports of atrocities in Iraq
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