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Expansion and Reform


Loan Money lent to something
Lowland A low or level piece of land
Profitable Able to bring in money above operating costs
sectional related to the interests of a region
slave state A state that allowed the practice of slavery
Free State A state that did not allow the practice of slavery
movement A series of actions carried out to work toward a certain goal
statehood The condition of being a state
Revolt A rebellion
Authorities Persons in command of something
Execute To put to death
agreement An arrangement between people or contries as to a course of action
Joint declaration To declare something as a group
Doctrine A statement of a certain government policy
Western Hemisphere The land and oceans around North and South America
Proclamation An official public announcement
agricultural Having to do with raising crops or animals for food for profit
qualified Fit for a given purpose
capable Having the ability for a task
Domestic Related to one's own country
campaign A group of activities connected to getting elected to office
Oppression Unfair or cruel actions by one group against another group with less power
Issue A topic of discussion or debate
Deposit To put money into a bank
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